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Dethleffs camper vans at the 2018 Olympics in South Korea

The Olympic Games are a worldwide mega sports event, the organisation is a Herculean task for the host country. Athletes and visitors from all over the world demand to be serviced and accomodated. Members of the south korean organisation commitee of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang had a really good idea.


To be able to provide flexible sleeping, working and resting space for all journalists, workers and guests all around the different areas, one hundred Dethleffs RVs have quickly been supplied to serve as mobile hostel rooms. The caravans of the model types "c'go" and "c'joy" have been procured by the local Dethleffs distribution partner, Buffalo Autohomes. They are installed wherever urgent requirements come up. So, for the Olympic campers, it's just as near to the action as one can get. For Dethleffs and the korean importers, it's also a great business: all caravans have been payed off and shipped to South Korea in one single large shipment, to arrive on schedule for the opening of the 23rd Olympic Winter Games on February 9th, 2018.

"tegos is already a player in certain parts of Asia, we're providing doors and flaps. From my very own touring experiences, I know that in South Korea you have to face accommodation shortfalls as soon as you're leaving the urban areas. Providing those Dethleffs camping vans was a very good idea", says tegos CEO Peter Müller who is very happy with the creative deal between Dethleffs and the promoters of the South Korean Olympics. "And a little bit of our Swabian know-how is now also part of the Winter Games", he smiles, "because every Dethleffs van's cable harness is crafted in the tegos factory halls." Generally speaking, the asian market is indeed an interesting and expanding business objective - though not yet double-digit like in the conventional automobile industry. Also, they're selling more campers than RVs, but as time goes by, the caravaning lifestyle is more and more embraced by the people in Asia. China is of course the largest market. About 15% of the doors are european style, and tegos provides a local manufacturer with premium doors with features such as electromotive pulling function, central locking and manually operating 2-point latch doors. Also, they're planning for cheaper 1-point latch doors and a version that's specially built for caravans.

As of now, experts estimate the chinese market at about 10,000 vehicles per year, and rising. Japan, on the contrary, stagnates at about 5,000 vehicles, and so does Korea at 2,000. In both of these countries, tegos is not yet officially represented. Which, among other reasons, is caused by their complicated import and duty clearing procedures. In addition to the low capacities, business potential would rather be limited. But what isn't yet can still be in the future. tegos have already specified their global expansion objectives. As of now, they're already exporting their products to countries such as China, UK, France and Netherlands. Moreover, when in comes to end customer market, to Switzerland and Austria also.

Photo credits/Copyright: Dethleffs

50th anniversary of CMT: Exhibitors are pleased and visitors are happy

Now it's official: the biggest CMT ever has in fact also been the most successful one. In it's 50th anniversary, the annual recreation fair comes up with some impressive numbers: 2,192 exhibitors from 100 countries and more than 360 regions and cities, as well as more than 1,000 exhibit vehicles, shown to 265,000 visitors on the fairgrounds of Stuttgart, in exhibition halls which by now are more than 120,000 square meters wide. That's an all-time record! The CMT managed to strengthen its position as the world's number one public fair for tourism and recreation. And also the simultaneous fairs have developed very well, like bicycle and adventure tours, hiking and – brandnew – golf and wellness, as well as maritime cruising and journeying. The fair visitors appreciate the extensive event programme and the manifold attractions all over the fully booked fair grounds.

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The CMT 2018 managed to sustain its momentum from the previous year. Next to the growing popularity of local recreation areas, another thing is trending strongly these days, which is also responsible of the great success of caravaning: the custom adventure tours are booming! This widely known fact makes the caravan and RV industry rush from one record high to the next. Sales output is enormous and forecasts for 2018 are pointing towards the sixth top mark in row. Tegos, as usual located at the fair booth of service partner Robel Mobil, was able to establish many new contacts and have various exciting talks.


And while the industry is growing, the team at the tegos factory in Ostrach at Lake Constance constantly grows along. So they had the very good idea to acquaint selected fellow workers with the industry real closely. Beyond their factory halls, they were able to get some exciting new impressions of this year's CMT and come to see all customer vehicles with built-in tegos OEM products. Among which you find many brands and products highly rated by the readers of special interest magazines like „promobil“ or „CARAVANING“. No less than 22,928 readers of those magazines voted their favourites. And pleasantly, the swabian manufacturers appear to be top rated. Home game for Baden-Wuertemmberg, one could say. Among the awardees you find such names as Carthago, Hymer and Niesmann+Bischoff.

Photo credits/Copyright: Messe Stuttgart, Robel Mobil, tegos

A whole new mess booth comes into being

The reception of the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf is improving from year to year. The industry is booming, and tegos is a growing company. More and more RV travellers and camping fans find their way to the tegos mess booth, where they find information and advice about doors, flaps, locking systems and bug protection for their RVs or caravans. That's why it was about time to design a new fair stand.

On an area that's about 125 % the size than it was in the previous years, a whole new tegos fair representation comes into being.

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From the first sketches by our marketing agency and the 3d models of the fair construction service, and from the building the first modules all the way to the just-in-time installation of the fair booth, is a long, long way. Visit us at the Caravan Salon in hall 5, E01. We hope you'll enjoy our new location. For the first time ever, we're exposing a real life vehicle equipped with tegos modules. By the example of the promotional RV of our associate partner, the web portal "MOViVA", you can examine all the tegos products installed in place, and you can't only see but also hear them - speaking of our "silent door". Experience just how silently the door will be closing in a real life example.

Messestand tegos Caravan Salon 2017 Halle 5 Stand E01

Caravan Salon Düsseldorf - tegos in Hall 5, Booth E01



The waiting has been worthwhile: The Düsseldorf fair grounds are opening by next weekend. Friday is "professional's day", the business people are staying amongst themselves and it's all just the "boring" business, but from Saturday, Aug. 26th, until Sunday, Sep. 3rd, it's all about you and your dreams of living in your own mobile home. Themed "Your new window to the world", the Caravan Salon is the most important international leading trade show for camping and mobile travelling. The fair halls are bursting with visitors. On an area of about 195,000 m², you can find almost 600 exhibitors from all over the world. About 2,000 recreational vehicles are presented. There surely is something for everybody.

Due to the growing popularity and yearly new visitor record numbers, the fair hall allocation had been completely revised in 2016. tegos has also moved to a new location and can now be found in hall 5, booth E01. Visit us there, we're looking forward to welcoming you. Many visitors are expected again this year. That's last no least because of this insider hint: tickets that were purchased via website retain a validity period of 2 days. For there is unbelievably much to see, and one day on the Caravan Salon is way not enough for all that. More information about arrivals, fair hall allocations and ticket prices can be found at


Quiet please - the tegos "silent doors"

Leise Silent Tür schließen Stellplatz Campingplatz Ruhe

Convenience is one of the outstanding highlights of the tegos premium doors for RVs and caravans. Right after the replacement or retrofit, there's no more rattling, and the door is closing tightly with ease. Even more in case the electric closing system is on board, too. And with the doorcut enlarged and the barrier-free access installed, it can't get any better for the happy owner of a mobile home.

tegos Tuer Premium Silent

Thus, your entrance on the campsite can easily be quite self-confident. Let the other campsite visitors loudly bang their doors in frustration. In the early morning, during siesta, or in the night. On thing's for sure: if you constantly have to slam your door loudly, you won't make friends with your interim neighbours. And moreover, your own well-being is disturbed, too. Did you ever try to sleep in a vehicle while your own partner keeps slamming the primitive doors, producing loud noises? We've heard that relationships have already been terminated for lesser reasons than that. Let's face it: silence is simply an important convenience feature.

Ok, that's what we at tegos are there for. And we're engineering and thinking up constantly on improved solutions for sophisticated, mobile customers. For in our doors with electromotive closing and automotive pulling system, there are of course servomotors, that make sounds, too. And the broader and more comfy a door gets, the bigger is also its resonating body. Thus even small electric motors produce an annoying sound, disturbing campers that care for comfort. We at tegos took a close look into those noise sources and in the end we came out with a super-silent premium door, with a special silent technology. This is a must-see ... errr... -hear.

New, classy inner lining for the tegos premium retrofit door - a top outfit for all RVs


Remember the times when RV doors obviously had to look like refrigerator doors from the 1970's? At last, those days are over. No matter whether you own an economic van for starters, a medium-class RV or a cutting edge luxus liner, of whatever brand, type or age: tegos is upgrading your vehicle's interior. Custom design demands included. With the new inner lining for the premium retrofit door in the top outfit, tegos is taking interior design to the next level. Precious carbon optics and handles in glossy finish deliberately stand out from the usual door-monotony.

But of course, it's all a matter of taste, and the interior door-design has to be fitting the rest of the vehicle's interior. The choice is up to you - tegos is offering different interior decors. They're all featuring the three-dimensional layout and the first-class, comfortable tactile manufacture, letting automobile quality shine through for sure. There's only one thing tegos is not delivering: frumpy design from the 1970's.

High-end Central Locking System for all recreational vehicle´s doors and openings


One of the highlights of tegos´ product offensive is their new central locking system, developed in cooperation with hegotec experts and disclosed to the public first time at the CARAVAN SALON.

Self-initiated demand for automotive standard is being not only fulfilled in this case but even exceeded! In conjunction with tegos´ Premium Door, it offers a huge variety of functional flexibility.

Using its own fully integrated BUS-system, tegos solution is applicable independently from each individual narrative car system.

tegos central locking system can easily be extended and customized to all kinds of individual requirements – while being cost efficient and easy to install as well as offering outstanding functional reliability.

Any kind of different door/flap combination can easily be configured and controlled as per customer demands. Each module will be monitored separately – naturally! Integration within the narrative car locking system is possible in most of cases also.

Using mobile apps for ipads, iphones, tablets and smartphones for operation and monitoring part of the various options as well as links to existing anti-theft devices, entry stair units or enhanced follow-home light control applications.

Manually operated premium doors for RVs, caravans and self-sufficient mobile homes and expedition vehicles


At last!, many RV owners go. For until now only very few mobile homes were able to obtain the benefits of a genuine tegos premium door. And that's because the electric locking unit requires a continuous current supply, which is in fact available in most RVs, but only very few conventionally built caravans offer such a feature. But from now on, you don't have to abstain from the tegos premium quality anymore. The manually operated premium door is dispensing the locking unit's electricity support and the second combination from lock and striker. Also, it is provided with a high-quality inner lining and the tegos double sealing. Moreover, the axial single-point lock is working wonders, being of top-quality manufacture, with a sense of quality. It is closing conveniently and tightly.

But the retrofit manually operated premium door is also the perfect and inexpensive alternative for the price conscious caravanist and self-sufficiently journeying mobile home owner, and for all those who like to keep an eye on their vehicle's power consumption, trying to avoid unnecessary electrical units. It may be a single minor handicap that retrofitting a central closing function is not possible due to the missing electrical closing unit. But apart from that, all feature options are available, no matter whether it's windows, additional ABUS locking or the tegos premium bug shield door.

Advantage und joy: tegos premium doors in Dethleffs RVs

"Advantage Globetrotter" - benefit for globetrotters! That could just be the statement of its own. However, the "Advantage" and the "Globetrotter" are two of the most successful RV models by Dethleffs. Accurate choice of names, one might think. But that's just half the truth. For those latest models "Advantage" and "Globetrotter XLI" have been highly optimised to meet requirements of travelling comfort, convenience, a maximum of freedom and recreation, just as demanded by a sophisticated and experienced target group. Because a recreational vehicle is much more than a just your home on four wheels, another everydays vehicle or a useful van for the whole kit and caboodle. No, a Dethleffs mobile is first and foremost a friend of the family.


The medium sized vehicle "Avantage" and the grand model "Globetrotter XLI" both offer a variety of technical and functional features as well as an elegant, customisable interior. Access to the vehicle in both cases is through a premium door that has been developed in cooperation with tegos. It offers a wide opening, top-quality, individual interior design and a comprehensive collection of comforting and security features. In sum: the perfect access to your new family friend. Advantage Globetrotter - advantage for all you globetrotters out there.

Fendt Emotions 2017

Having your home in tow - as good as no other caravan manufacturer knows how to attach that lifestyle so emotionally to their products. The company Fendt Caravans have optimized their entire product catalog this season, and they call it "Emotions 2017". Rightly so. Because it's about the big time feeling, it's about "feeling wel" and "experience convenience". The Fendt family are a good company for all actively camping people. Developers at Fendt set great value on individual living space and sophisticated interior design.

"Living space on the road", should be hitting the nail on the head. Young and fresh, practical design or vintage, classy and solid. The most striking change in outer appearance of the 2017 models should be that new, robust and top-quality entrance door with its many practical features and a large window, including a darkening curtain. Depending on vehicle type and configuration, even the sliding door with integrated fly shield is on board. But wait, there's many more details to discover. The detailed description in this film clip sure whets your appetite for an individual travelling pleasure in your own mobile holiday home by Fendt.

Wit and brains: tegos premium doors in Niesmann+Bischoff recreational vehicles


Not only a dog and a happy caravanner are hidden in this image, but also a recreational vehicle. "Never before has there been a liner more automotive", the leading trade magazine "promobil" headlines its article about the lastest model "Flair" by Niesmann+Bischoff. And rightly so. While the mind recognises "This is a recreational vehicle", the gut feels "This is fascinating automobile design". Where does RV stop? Where's the beginning of a whole new class of vehicles? The committee of the reddot-Design-Award is also enthusiatic about the body's design. But the coinage word "Glamping" only insufficiently answers to mind's recognition and gut's feeling. And that's because the mobile life in a glamorous and extravagant wheeling home only says little about the quality of a vehicle.

And that's just where the big technical and optical face-lift for the famous Niesmann+Bischoff models "Flair" and "Arto" take their effect. It demands all of the customer's creativity. Not just in the interior room. The possibilities of applying modern color design to the body have as yet been unimaginable for RVs and luxury vehicles. But not for Niesmann+Bischoff. That's what we've been waiting for and now we're excited about the design variety. After the "Arto", which was raising the bar during the last year's Caravan Salon exhibition, now the "Flair" will surely advance to be everybody's darling, with its seducing looks and the "Must-have"-appeal.

A premium door by tegos is already integrated, being the first point of contact and the gateway to the sophisticated, aesthetic and highly adjustable world of Niesmann+Bischoff. All partys have spent special efforts to design the appearance, the feel, the funcionality and reliability up to the highest standards to fulfill the high requirements of the future owerns of the "Flair". Successfully. In the image above, also a premium entrée is hidden. Just take a close look.

Maximum space surplus - Proteq Q10 with double slideout

For the engineer there's nothing too severe - for example enlarging an RV's living space by more than fifty percent. The result is a very clever and highly innovative solution. As long as on the road, you have a pretty normal-sized recreational vehicle, but soon as reaching your destination, a spectacular metamorphosis can begin: a double-sided slideout! Covering the whole structure's length. Surplus of space: a decent 55 percent! Only at the push of a button. Questions, anyone? The experts were more than excited while attending the presentation of the first Protec Double-Slideouter at the Caravan Salon fair. Serial production starts in 2017, advance orders can already be placed.

Proteq Q18 Doppel Slideout tegos Premium tür Klappen

The Protec team was able to implement an impressive amount of 18 m² of pure living space, including almost lavish design concepts, without having to fear the dimensions of an XXL-RV while driving on the road. It's still 7.85 meters of length and 2.34 meters of width and the 7.5 tons Iveco chassis. Two seperate sleeping areas including king-size bed? No problem at all. And the optional alcove contains two more sleeping accomodations. You can basically choose between two floor plans. The Protec Q18 mobiles are always entered through premium doors and flaps by tegos. As we said in the beginning: For the engineer - M.Sc. Franz Wieth, director of Protec - there is nothing too severe.

The SMOVE is here!

The SMOVE is here - what sounds like an educationally valuable children's programme on TV is really a true sensation for the genuine camper's life. Premium manufacturer Niesmann+Bischoff adopt their highly sophisticated standards of their popular liners "Clou", "Arto" and "Flair" to fit the middle class RVs. Therefor, the SMOVE developer team have not just made up a truly creative brand name "SMOVE", but more than that they also establish the term "Urban Glamping". That is luxurious camping in and around the world's metropolises. Not exactly modest requirements, but since when do Niesmann+Bischoff need to be modest anyway. Just not as much as their sophisticated customers, appreciating to combine their short break getaways with freedom, vitality, spontaneity and convenience.

Hence, just let there be a little more of everything in the relatively compact vehicle segment below the classic liners. More urban lifestyle and more innovation. A lot of new ideas, clever details, technical solutions and good hereditary dispositions, that's what the SMOVE is all blessed with. The film clip speaks for itself. As a special highlight, a state of the art convenient storage flap with innovative electromotive sliding technique has been produced for the first time ever - a brand new world exclusivity. Useful and groundbreaking in the urban fields. And that's where modern travellers, with their Niesmann+Bischoff SMOVE, passionately do their glamping.

tegos on Tour: HYMER Historic Oldtimer Rallye

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Copyright / (c)2017 Peter Müller, Stephan Olier

Fantastic weather, blue sky, high winds and the architecturally impressive ERWIN HYMER Museum created a perfect setting for this weekend's HYMER Historic Oldtimer Rallye. On the occasion of the HYMER 60th anniversary, a very special event was on schedule, one that would draw a bridge between the modern spirit and the first steps of caravaning by visionary Erich Hymer.

Thus, among the 24 rallye participants, the "treasure gems" from the ERWIN HYMER museum - including some authentic vintage tractive vehicles - were not to be missed, as well as historic VW bus campers from the Volkswagen Vehicles stock. All the other old-timers and modern classics had an impressive appearance, as well, like the Mercedes SL, a pimped Fiat Abarth, a very-british Frogeye, a rarely seen Facel Vega or a fierce Bentley. Only fly in this whole ointment was: this first-of-its-kind event would have deserved some more public attention. But that might easily come next time in 2018. tegos' general manager, Peter Müller, assisted and supported by marketing manager Stephan Olier and his promotional vehicle, had a beautiful summer afternoon, constantly pushing the camera trigger to preserve some impressions. More pictures are to be found on our page "tegos on tour".

PARAVANO: Fully Barrier-Free motor home with tegos door solution

Copyright: PARAVAN GmbH

Motor home manufacturer HYMER and PARAVANO, experts for vehicles designed for handicapped and disabled motorists, presented a fully barrier-free motorhome with innovative accessibility concept at the occasion of last year´s CARAVAN SALON. PARAVANO´s new lift-system in conjunction with a wide-door-solution of tegos, featuring remote controlled door opening and locking function, allow handicapped people to easily access their motorhome, even with electro-wheel-chairs.

“With HYMER, we found an adequate partner – not only concerning leading product technology but also relative to companies’ philosophies and the “good chemistry” between the parties. This also applies to tegos, who designed an entry door with 85 cm of width that even fits wheel-chair requirements”, Roland Arnold, PARAVANO´s managing director said. The ultra-modern RV, designed to fully suit all kinds of disability requirements, offers plenty of trendsetting features that can also satisfy the needs of convenience-oriented, non-handicapped motor home owners. Those wider tegor comfort-doors, including electromechanical locking functions and offering an extraordinary level of quality and safety, can be retro-fitted to a vast number of existing RV´s also.

Also, Multimobil in Austria, our service partner in the alpines, has realised a completely accessible RV. And tegos has provided an extrawide door-module, as a custom solution.

tegos on Tour: North german Caravan Salon in Sande at the North Sea / Jade Bight

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Icy winds and the permanent change between sunshine and rain showers. Be it the weather god, Poseidon or whoever is in charge of the climate at the Jade Bight coast, seems to have a deadpan kind of humor that's indeed so typical of the people in Northern Germany. Jolly good, we've had a laugh. Like in the previous year, the locals - water rats and land rugs alike - can not be frightened at all by a foul weather. And have their fun either way. Put your mink and thick jumper on, get your cap and off you go to the chippies and beer stalls. Hi and hello, here we are, how's it going? All fine! And very well so, because in the whole of Sanden's city, the RVs and caravans are standing close-packed. A huge open-air fair, with tegos right in the middle of it. On the market place, to be more exact, right next to their service partner "FreizeitMobile Von Der Kammer". And that's the regional top dog, holding the most extensive variety of vehicles on the Caravan Salon in Sande. If you can't find your vehicle here, shame is on you.

So, all the visitors braving the elements and visiting the central city of Sanden were specially interested in what's to see. Satisfied faces and bright eyes - also from the team members of "FreizeitMobile". By the way, you wouldn't believe how many treats and goodies from the local food stands Markus Peters - chief executive salesman - can scarf down – while staying completely lithe and lissom.

In the years to come, we will have to push things in this region a little more, when we're attending the North german Caravan Salon with our Promotional Vehicle. Until then, see you around - see you on Tour.

Super-silent locking aid for box wagons


Silence is a precious good. We relax while we have „siesta“, we relax at night. A few singing birds, croaking frogs and chirping cicadas – extra permission given by nature… And then there is that embarrassing silence. Once your campground neighbor had smashed his van´s sliding door for who knows how many times – reckless and extremely loud. WHAM!

Now, recently, there is this incredible silence! When your eyes see that door is going to be shut but your ears cannot hear and your brain cannot believe… sssst. Just a whisper!

But - you may well trust your ears! Your neighbor runs a Pössl motorhome, 2014 model year, equipped with a brand-new electromotive pulling feature by default. Care for silence? Curious? In that case, we recommend a box wagon vehicle with that locking aid called "Softlock".

Insects stay out - even at home


Well informed travellers and caravan fans already know of course: Effective protection from annoying insects is a job for the professionals at tegos and their premium bug protection system that's available for almost all types of RVs. But what if you're not on the road in your caravan or motorhome? Gnats, wasps & Co. they stop at nothing. Except…

… well, except tegos had the good idea to take their knowledge in mobile bug protection systems and transfer it to the world of windows and doors or real estates. OUTFLY - insects stay out! That's the new premium brand for your all-around protection. It's quality made in Germany, of course. It's quality made by tegos, of course. From now, your vacation starts at home already. Almost as nice as being outside. Just leaving windows and doors open, letting the wind and the sun into your house. And that outdoor feeling, too. Only those nasty bugs remain outside. No more chemical maces, no disgusting live traps, no herbage mumbo-jumbo, no hunting with that slightly archaic fly swatter.


But the OUTFLY bug protection systems can do even more. The utilized Clearfab-mesh is almost invisible. Your outside vista is not compromised. Instead, even pollen are effectively locked out. Allergic persons literally breathe a sigh of relief - thanks to OUTFLY. Top notch Nano technogly is the key. If the SUNOX fibre mesh by T.I.E. is exposed to sund and warmth, the grwoth of bacteria and viruses is retarded. RV owners enjoy the advantages of tegos premium bug protection since years now. Why doing without in your real estate?

OUTFLY bug protection systems are available for windows, skylights, doors, french windows, slider doors as well as for funnels and basement wells. Combining bug protection and sun protection is possible, too. Every system is custom made for your needs. Perfectly selected materials and design. Ask the specialists at tegos for your very own solution. More information available here:


tegos on Tour: Spring fair in Dietz near Ebern. And: seasonal kick-off in Switzerland

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Under a blue sky, sunshine and at early summer temperatures, the team of the "Freizeitcenter Dietz" in Ebern, Bavaria, gladly rejoice in their successful springtime event. Because of the good weather, almost all RV owners of that region were attracted to the workshop yard of the tegos service partner. Coffe and home-baked cake of the Dietz friends, family and workers, sausages and hearty grilled from the charcoal barbecue, freshly tapped beer and aplenty of things to discover for the whole family: A great kickoff for the 2017 season. Moreover, that little town Ebern is worth a journey. While there is an RV parking site nearby the city walls, we found the church clock was slightly intrusive. Acoustically. Hence a hint: The "Freizeitcenter Dietz" also provides some inexpensive - and remarkably silent - parking sites. A walk through the historic city center completes the visit. The highly recommendable italian restaurant, "bei Peppo", is also withing walking distance. Great food, a homely atmosphere and, above all, surprisingly inexpensive. So better makes your reservation.


And tegos was there, of course, we couldn't miss that opportunity. So we had our Promotional vehicle right in the middle of it. Making exciting contacts, even a little sunburn as the "charge" for the fantastic weather. The Dietz team had informed their customers about our attendance early enough, so we had many practical consultations. Some visitors just wanted to assure themselves of the high quality of the doors and flaps by examining our vehicle in detail. Of course the quality was proven right... and so several RVs, upgraded with tegos modules, will soon be dispatched in Ebern, starting their big journey around.

Next to that, the season in Switzerland was also opened with a springtime event. The Portmann family was very much looking forward to their young company's first house fair in the Canton Obwalden, widely supported by the tegos team. Moreover, the tegos service partner in the swiss city of Giswil had many exciting interviews with interested RV customers and will accordingly optimize some vehicles shortly, retrofitting them with tegos modules. Thus, the year 2017 may continue. See you around, see you on tour.

Caravanning Association to whet your appetite for that life on the road feeling

In their latest 2016 tv spot, the caravanning association (CIVD) is perfectly capturing that joie de vivre to explore the whole world and enjoy personal spaces. And it gets even better: you can see a tegos door, visiting the most beautiful places in the world, in a Dethleffs vehicle. We're happy to see that, of course.

But enough talking. Just get swept up by that picture now.

Family business and "the next generation"

By the time of the tegos company take-over in Ostrach in 2012, it became quite clear that here's a genuine family business going on. Not just as an empty phrase, but as a vital tradition lived up to the fullest. For the Müller family, centering around manager Peter Müller, has already two family generations working in the company. The third generation is still in its infancy, but it is already taken great care of this family dynasty for the decades to come.

tegos Ostrach Familienunternehmen Peter Ilona Mueller

The manager's wife, Ilona Müller, is also actively working in the company, even at the front line when it comes to fairs. Daughter Stephanie supplies customers with spare parts, while the afternoons are kid's time. Son Christopher manages the IT and order handling, Matthias Müller manages the process planning and supervises the apprentices. Both of them take care of a smooth workflow in every aspect of the factory. And son-in-law Alexander Scheld, who is running the end customer sales department, is responsible of the retrofit workshop. Many RV owners know him. Moreover, the relationship to all employees, partners and customers is characterised by this esprit. Everyone's acting in concert, the company is growing. That's the real family business.

tegos Ostrach Matthias Christopher Mueller Stephanie Scheld

The next generation of entrepreneurs is already in the starting blocks, growing with their tasks in the family business. And those three are real Müllers not only when it comes to business. Two young men, located somewhere in the southernmost province of Baden Württemberg. Soccer on the tele, the black-and-yellow BVB-flag (BVB is the Dortmund football team) in the one hand and a plate of sausage salad - the ultimately favorised food by both guys - in the other. Undoubtedly, both of them must have something in common. And that's, for example, the same family name, the same employer, the same parents and the same sister.

Guessed it, we're talking about the two male parts of the tegos next generation. On the other hand, you can definitely be deviant and still belong to the (tegos) family, as sister Stephanie Scheld is proving. For the older (you wouldn'd assume that by the looks) sister prefers to workout to keep herself fit, eventually treating herself with a perfectly done rump steak. Hats off! Well, guys, you and your sausage salad... I guess that should be ok, too. It should probably be mentioned that Stephanie Scheld's husband, who in the company goes by the nickname "Mister Retrofit", is rather favoring the Bavarian football team over the Dortmund team. Well, in the end, he's only just the husband in-law, isn't he. And whether or not he likes sausage salad? We don't know...

tegos are having a blast - of colour




That was a tough one: A new RV, two foliation pros, 15 square metres of advertising space and only 48 hours -- from first draft to the finished promotion vehicle.

Sunday, 11:41 pm. Mission accomplished! Both foliation workers are almost falling asleep, definitely anticipating sore muscles for the next day. Just one well-earned quiet pint packing up work, gazing at their hard work's result, grinning like a cheshire cat.

The team has delivered a great piece of work. The graphic design was produced by the PR agency of Stephan Olier. Final attunements, quickly changing phone numbers, altering some graphic elements to have them fit perfectly on the side panel of the new promotion vehicle. Then starts the rambling of the oversize printer. Laminating that large piece of sheet with a protective layer, and on it goes into the preheated workshop. What follows then is not only technically impressive, but almost artistic in its kind. Every detail seems to be just right. Thanks to skillfull hands, the lamination fits into each and every small curve, corner and angle. Only tiny free punches, e.g. for the door sealings, seem to interrupt the ultralarge design... almost insivible to the eye. Even the windows are being pasted with the graphic transparencies, creating one harmonious overall picture. 11:42 pm. Final clearance in the workshop and final touchups with the blow-dryer, making even the last tricky spot of the lamination fit in perfectly. Next, both workers fall asleep. Feet put up, ignoring the aching arms, legs and spines. Good work. Thanks!


Eventually, the tour can begin. Starting in spring 2016, the big promotion tour is supported exclusively by the outdoor travelling portal MOViVA. And goes across the most beautiful regions in Germany, visiting the best RV pitches and camping grounds. One thing's for sure: See you! Because the new vehicle will attract your attention. You see it, you just come over, say hello, and we'll gladly answer your questions regarding the newest tegos premium doors and flaps. Looking closely, touching and testing is not only allowed but explicitly desired. We're looking forward to meeting you on the road.

Training and social skills

Practical learning for the (working) life - that's the premise by which four entrepreneurs from Ostrach - Neher, HFM, Schnetz and tegos - have begun their training cooperation in 2015. The objective is to train young people individually for their assignments in their own apprenticing companies and prepare them for a successfull working life. In order to provide their apprentice with a multifaceted, practical and realistic vocational training, tegos and the three local partner companies have decided to have their trainees work in all the different factories and locations from the second year of training on.

Ausbildungs Kooperation Ostrach tegos Matthias Mueller

"We want our apprentices and future employees to gain a comprehensive knowledge and gather experiences in all working sections all over the whole production and value added chain, starting from the molding cutters up to the completely finished RV", states Matthias Müller, head of production engineering. That's the incentive for tegos Inc., to actively engage in this cooperation. "The experiences, the acquired values and skills, are not just extremely valuable for the young apprentices themselves, but also for the company and our long-term workforce planning."

"Our trainees will go through an exciting and practical apprenticeship in our main factory in Ostrach", CEO Peter Müller adds in regards to the company's business philosophy. "We're ready to campaign for our apprentices way above the norm anytime, however, we're expecting the exact same amount of enthusiasm, curiosity, cooperation and team spirit". In the tegos factory, the trainees are not just prepared for their future jobs in their respective field of employment, but they actually attend all stations in the factory, thus gaining an extensive insight in the whole process of manufacture and administration. With their high in-house production depth, their commitment to "Made in Germany" and the very personal supervision in a modern family business, the tegos factory should easily be among the most popular apprenticing companies around in these areas.

Ausbildungskooperation Neher HFM tegos Schnetz

tegos Ostrach Soziales Engagement Auszeichnung

Jointly, the companies are also supporting the charitable foundation "KBZO". Handicapped apprentices and scholars are building a baby-sized RV for the children's home "Wirbelwind". A great venture, which - like the companys' comprehensive apprenticeship project - has repeatedly been awarded the "Mittelstandspreis für Soziale Verantwortung" (award for social responsibility in medium-sized businesses)".

tegos Ostrach Soziales Engagement

Are you MOViVA, too?


More than 6,000 campsites in the Bordatlas, almost 10,000 caravan sites and camping grounds in the ADAC camping guide. A vast variety of destinations, much to see, to check out, to read... while you're looking for the truly recommendables. And it's not very different from that on the websites of the large portals for vacational homes, holiday flat or hotels. Quantity, instead of quality. It has you overcharged soon. If you want to have some fun planning your vacation, that's clearly not the way to go.


Moreover, if you're demanding valuable tips for impressive nature sites, the most beautiful travelling destinations, historic landmarks, information about the country and its people, regional specialities, the manyfold sports facilities, event and entertainment... you're soon wasting your precious vacation time in the internet, only before your actual recreation even started. Disappointing, frustrating, isn't it? In addition to a confusing information surplus, the strict thematic limitations are avoiding an exciting, comprehensive and successfull travel planning. You've got to decide: campsite portal, camping ground guide or directory of vacational homes. Period. But adventure holidays, especially close to nature, mobility aside of all-inclusive-offers, just isn't all black and white, but variegated, manifold and in full color.

Imagine: You're on a travelling vacation thru Germany, want to experience nature, want to get close to country and people, get to know the regional specialities and culinarities. Cycling, hiking, sailing or golfing. A cultural event in the evening. Attending a sports event. After a week on dynamic tent sites you're seeking the luxury of a camping ground, e.g. to just have your clothes washed properly. Then you'd like to offer your children or grandchildren something special to experience. Maybe a sleepover in a tree house hotel oder in an Indian wigwam. Does that sound good? Now, here's our recommendation: Drop over to the new portal



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