Important note to all private end customers and visitors of our conversion manufactory in Ostrach: For the entire duration of the risk of corona infection, please keep a distance of at least two metres from our employees during delivery and collection of goods and during business visits. For our safety as well as your own. It is not permitted to enter the factory halls during this time. Entering the administration is disallowed without prior request; you may then only enter as a single individual, keeping an appropriate distance from other persons at all time. Furthermore, we may ask you to follow the sanitation recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) consistently, i.e. to disinfect your hands and avoid physical contact, e.g. when signing delivery documents, and to use only your own pen. Wearing protective gloves and masks also reduces the risk of spreading the corona virus. Thank you very much for your responsible consideration.

What's new at tegos

HYMER B-Klasse MasterLine I 880

There are moments when you can be silent and rightly so, or simply refrain from writing a longer news text. The fact that pictures often say more than words is not only a wisdom that is usually true, but the moment you click the Play-button of the video here and now, it is the pure truth. So, we leave you alone with the beautiful pictures of this film clip and wish you not only a lot of fun for a couple of minutes, but also some wistful sighs, if you as a viewer feel like you are going on a journey. And just this much: If you won't discover the motorhome owner in yourself alongside with these pictures, just re-watch the video together with your whole family. At some point it just works. Promised. And yes, the wonderful door in the even more wonderful Hymer B-Class MasterLine is a team achievement Made in Germany by the tegos manufactory in Ostrach. But for now, really everything has been said - start the film!

This is what winners look like:
The Reader's Choice Golden Motorhome 2020

Dethleffs Hymer Goldenes Reisemobil 2020 tegos Tuer

Again, Hymer completely impressed readers and design experts with their models in 2020. In the readers' polls of the two industry magazines "AutoZeitung" and "AUTO BILD Reisemobil", the RV manufacturer from Bad Waldsee won first place several times with the B-Class "ModernComfort" and the new tandem-axle B-Class "MasterLine I 880". "We are very happy about the awards and the readers' and design experts' respective recognition therein", says Christian Bauer, chairman of the Hymer GmbH & Co. KG management. This is already the sixth time in a row that the magazine "AUTO BILD Reisemobil" is awarding the reader's award called "Golden Motorhome". The readers of the famous trade journal have voted for the most popular innovations of the current model year in 7 different categories. Now, the winners have been determined: first place in the Liner category goes to the Hymer B-Class "MasterLine I 880", the first tandem-axle on an SLC chassis by Hymer.

And also the enterprise brand Dethleffs fully convinced the readers with their trend models. Whether alcove, Semi-integrated or Integrated: the "Trend" landed on the podium in all categories. The Trend A 7877-2 Alcove, which has already been won first place in the respective readers' polls by "promobil" as well as the "Autozeitung", can be happy about the "Goldenes Reisemobil 2020" as the public's favourite. A real winner. The readers have voted online for their favourite models. The candidate with the highest number of votes is then awarded the "Golden Motorhome 2020" in the respective category. "We are especially pleased about this audience award of Auto Bild Reisemobil", explains Robert Bielesch, head of Dethleffs' corporate communication. "Because this way we get to know first hand whether our models please the customers." Bielesch is not surprised that the model "Trend" is so well received by the readers. "Camping is 'right on trend' these days anyway. Above all, there are many camping rookies who are looking for an entry-level motorhome. The "Trend" is made just for them. During its development we've set value on using high quality components from the Dethleffs repertoire and at the same time keep a good price/performance-ratio while delivering the accustomed Dethleffs quality", says Bielesch.

The tegos team congratulates both Hymer and Dethleffs to this convincing feedback from the customer market. With the Trend Alcove model by Dethleffs and with the B-Class MasterLine by Hymer, tegos is practically with them on the top step of the podium. Because in both vehicles, just like in the other Trend models, retrofit doors by the tegos quality forge in Ostrach are equipped as standard. And, at the end of the day, isn't the door the entrance to the mobile home of happy and satisfied customers?

Source, Copyright/Image credits: Dethleffs, Hymer | Videos: YouTube

Skydancer Apèrto - World's first motorhome convertible

tegos Skydancer Aperto Reisemobil ConvertibleThe following scenario: A charming country road. On the way in a four-seater convertible. A bright blue sky. The cool breeze in your hair. Heavenly, isn't it? Many people are certainly thinking of the elegant convertibles of German premium brands now, or even of the luxury cars of traditional English carmakers. Think further! More innovative. Think of a motorhome. Of a Skydancer.

Yes, sometimes courageous visionaries are needed. Piotr Kubinski is such a mastermind, one who realizes his ideas courageously. His result: the world's first and only four-seater motorhome cabriolet: The Skydancer Apèrto.


  • Skydancer Apèrto - World's first motorhome convertible
  • Skydancer Apèrto - World's first motorhome convertible

The open cabriolet roof is no the only unique feature. The elevated driver's cab also provides an incomparable view of the action. Thus, the journey itself becomes the destination. Of course, a Skydancer is not a motorhome for everyone. Because, yes, the Apèrto is indeed extravagant, perhaps even eccentric. On its way it does attract everyone's attention. On the pitch, it is the centre of every crowd that forms. But, it is both luxurious yet also down-to-earth. Because the raised driver's cab allows a completely independent floor plan. A huge luggage compartment in the back, a practical solution. In addition, it is based on the latest Ducato chassis from Fiat with all its advantages and options. We recommend the new 180 HP engine with 9-speed automatic. And then, in perfect weather, you may just cruise relaxed on a charming country road. Unter a blue sky. A fresh breeze in the cockpit. Heavenly!

Photo Credits/Copyright: Skydancer GmbH

Dopfer motorhomes - Dream RV and one of a kind

  • Dopfer motorhomes - Dream RV and one of a kind
  • Dopfer motorhomes - Dream RV and one of a kind

Every vehicle that leaves the Dopfer motorhome factory is unique. "Till this day, there are no two identical Dopfer motorhomes", confirms company founder Rainer Dopfer proudly, who by developing his first VW bus, came up with the idea to fulfil the individual retrofit demands of his motorhome customers. Dopfer Individual - since 1992 the vehicles from the Bavarian Neuburg have rightly been bearing this title. "Maximum quality is the top priority", underlines Rainer Dopfer the philosophy of his fine manufactory.

Meanwhile, 300 Dopfer-Mobiles are on and off the roads of the world - because also 4x4-vehicles belong to their portfolio. Most of them still in first hand. So you buy a Dopfer for lifetime and exactly fitting your personal wishes. It's nice that things like this still exist today. In the beginning, there's a detailed consultation and planning phase, followed by the technically experienced, perfect development of the individually manufactured and optimally insulated empty cabins, all built on a chassis by VW, Iveco and Mercedes. The doors and flaps from tegos fit seamlessly into this premium claim. Real dream uniques, real Dopfers, really classy.

tegos Dopfer Reisemobile - Tuer Klappen

Photo credits/Copyright: Dopfer Reisemobilbau, Rainer Dopfer

Hymer Connect App: First smart ecosystem for the connected motorhome

Hymer is taking a huge leap forwards in terms of networking within the motorhome industry. With a new, smart ecosystem, the premium manufacturer from Bad Waldsee is combining the controls for numerous vehicle components as well as the display of vehicle information in one single digital platform. The Hymer Connect App in conjunction with a central control unit inside the vehicle is currently the first connectivity solution of its kind for the connected motorhome. It will be available as standard in all Hymer B-Class MasterLine models from the 2022 model year onwards and, from February 2021 onwards, it can be retrofitted in selected B-ML models from the 2020 model year onwards as well. Complementary connected components and smart features for the app will follow. Hymer is combining many of the vehicle’s components in a single, smart ecosystem and enabling them to be controlled with ease using a smartphone. Thanks to its long-standing strategic partnership with Mercedes-Benz, the Hymer Connect App has one another advantage: Hymer is the first ever manufacturer that’s been allowed to access the vehicle information for the Sprinter chassis cowl, such as the mileage or service intervals, using an app.

HYMER B-Klasse MasterLine tegos-Premium-Tuer 960

HYMER B-Klasse MasterLine Interieur tegos-Premium-Tuer

HYMER B-Klasse MasterLine Interieur tegos-Komfort-Tuer

On your way back from the nearest town, you can switch on the heating or air conditioning, extend the satellite system, or turn on the lights, before even stepping foot in the vehicle: using the Hymer Connect App, the perfect ambience can be created on board in just a few clicks – convenient, intuitiveand and from any location. That is because in addition to being able to communicate via Bluetooth when close to the vehicle, the systems can also be controlled remotely using mobile communications in 30 European countries. The buttons and control panels for the vehicle components have been combined in one handy app. However, for anyone who could not live without them, they are still available as manual solutions.

The app is pre-programmed with scenarios for regularly recurring processes and procedures. This includes a Good Morning and Good Night scenario, for example, which automatically adjusts the temperature and lighting conditions inside the vehicle, controls the hot water boiler, and retracts or extends the satellite system accordingly. There are also corresponding scenarios for when you leave your home or first arrive at a campsite. These can be tailored to your individual requirements, and you can even add your own scenarios. Lighting is particularly important in this regard, as the controls have their very own section within the smart ecosystem’s range of features – the brightness and colour temperature of the four-level ambient lighting can be individually controlled using the Hymer Connect App, for example. The lighting conditions outside the vehicle during the course of the day can also be taken into consideration to have the perfect impact on your biorhythm: in the form of a stimulating light when the sun is at its peak at midday, for example, or a soothing, fireside light in the evenings. The lighting concept also has a significant impact on how you perceive the space, and makes the interior feel more spacious and generous than ever before.

HYMER Connect-App Ansichten

The checklists that help with activities that are performed for the first time or only rarely are particularly helpful for novice campers and provide step-by-step guides through the individual actions. The Hymer Connect App can also be depended on where security is concerned, as it sends push notifications about the status of the central locking system, for example, or alerts you if the refrigerator hasn’t been closed properly. Standard information is also available, such as when the fresh water level is low or the battery level is critical. What’s more, the Hymer Service Hotline can also be conveniently contacted from the app. However, this range of features is just the beginning for the Hymer Connect App. In future, retrofitting and integrating components that have been certified by Hymer Original Parts will be child’s play. Location-based services will also be gradually added to the app, including the display and depiction of points of interest or service partners and dealers nearby. There are also plans for enhanced camping services to be added, including the ability to conveniently book a pitch or rent a leisure vehicle, for example.

Smart living room controls and comprehensive vehicle information all at a glance – in future. From 2021 onwards, the Hymer Connect App will also be ready to download free of charge in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Sources, Images and Copyright: Hymer GmbH & Co. KG | Video: YouTube

Protec Motorhomes - Maximum space gain

Nothing's too severe for the engineer - e.g. increasing the living space of a B+ class motorhome by more than 50%. Yeah, sure, you'll say. Funny story. But get to the point, scribbler. We want to read facts about the Protec Q18. OK, no problem. So please imagine how the inventors of the young start-up Protec have taken on exactly this task. The result is a highly innovative and extremely clever solution. While driving it's a motorhome with normal dimensions, but at the destination comes the spectacular transformation: a double-sided slide-out. Over the entire body length. Space gain: a whopping 55 percent! Just at the push of a button. Questions? The entire world of experts was astonished when the first Protec double-slider was presented at the Caravan Salon 2016. Series production started in 2017, so it is possible to place orders diligently.

The Protec team was able to realise an impressive 18 m² of living space, including almost wasteful space concepts, without having to fear the dimensions of an XXL mobile while driving. It remains at 7.85 metres in length, 2.34 metres in width and the 7.5 ton Iveco chassis. Two seperate sleeping areas with double bed? No problem. Additional berths are available in the optional alcove. There are two floor plans to choose from. The Protec Q18 is always boarded via premium doors and flaps from tegos. We said it at the beginning: Nothing's too severe for the engineer, which is Protec boss Franz Wieth.

tegos Protec Reisemobile - Q18 Doppel Slideout

Photos/Copyright: Protec GmbH & Co. KG | Video/Copyright: YouTube

"close to you" – tegos in dialogue with regional and federal policy

  • close to you – tegos in dialogue with regional and federal policy
  • close to you – tegos in dialogue with regional and federal policy

An exciting visit of high-ranking political celebrities in the Lake Constance region: Besides Ostrach's mayor Christoph Schulz and the district chairwoman Margarete Reiser, also Peter and Ilona Müller were allowed to meet the nationwide responsible SME representative and parliamentary state secretary of the Federal Minister of Economics and Energy, Thomas Bareiß, in the factory halls of tegos GmbH & Co. KG. The reason for both the meeting and the informative exchange was the presentation of a product novelty: tegos "close to you" - the visitors' house.

Thomas Bareiss Christoph Schulz Margarete Reise tegos Ostrach

This Micro-House was conceived and developed primarily for corona-safe encounters in nursing homes and retirement facilities. The idea for it came from the personal initiative of Ilona Müller, wife of Peter Müller, who is the managing partner of the family business, in which also the sons Matthias and Christopher Müller as well as daughter Stephanie Scheld assume management responsibilities. Due to the Corona crisis and the restrictions it imposed, Ilona Müller was no longer able to visit a loved one who had been cared for for many years in a Stuttgart nursing home. "I felt that a solution had to be found here", Ilona Müller recognised the seriousness of the situation. "Because for our oldest fellow citizens, the contact restrictions and other corona measures often mean loneliness and a heavy psychological strain."

So the entire tegos team got into gears. The manufacturing skills of the company, which mainly manufactures doors and flaps for RVs and caravans as well as bug shielding systems for real estates, recreational vehicles and special applications - e.g. hunting pulpits and high seats - were analysed and the usually processed materials were adapted for the new concept. After only a short time, the first prototype of a "mini meeting house" was presented - functional, inexpensive and just the right solution in the right time. The first feedback from nursing homes and facilities for the elderly - who also were involved in the planning process at an early stage due to their experience - was thoroughly positive. The "close to you" visitor house consists of hygienic metal and plastic surfaces that can be cleaned easily and quickly, making it easy to comply with all hygiene regulations. Thanks to sandwich construction, the insulation corresponds to the standards of a modern motorhome. The generous plexiglass panel, measuring 1.4m x 1m, placed between the visitors, allows an encounter without a mask, i.e. with such important, visible and tangible gestures and facial expressions. Everyone knows how important an encouraging laugh is for our seniors, for the family, grandma, grandpa, children and grandchildren. An intercom system allows a normal conversation.

Visiting a loved one in a retirement home without potentially exposing them to the corona virus, is just one of the many possibilities of this cabin.

  • Up to two visitors communicate vis-à-vis their relative or loved one
  • The tegos visitor house can easily be docked to a terrace/side entrance door or window
  • It is also possible to equip with light and heating
  • While not in use, the visitor house can be locked from the outside
  • Easy to adjust feet for quick and safe installation on solid ground
  • For even easier positioning and mobile use, wheels can be mounted alternatively
  • The visitor's house is made of insulating materials and therefore ideal for outdoor placement

Thomas Bareiss Peter Mueller tegos Ostrach Besucherhaeusschen

Thomas Bareiss Peter Mueller tegos Ostrach

The presentation of the "close to you" cabin during the visit of State Secretary Thomas Bareiß was of course not only a matter of theory. Thomas Bareiß and Peter Müller tested the visitors' cabin to personally experience the feeling of a mask-free encounter. Mr. Bareiß was pleasantly surprised by the high and flexible vertical range of manufacture in the four production halls at the Ostrach site, and also by the fact that all the material required for the visitor's house came from the ongoing production processes of the various products for travel vehicles, residential property and hunting applications. The Müller family, project manager Benjamin Böhm and the whole tegos team are happy about so much approval and enthusiasm of the politically prominent guests for the product innovation - a positive answer to new challenges in Corona times. Also the care commissioner of the Federal Government recently demanded a safe meeting possibility in all senior and care facilities. Hopefully the tegos "close to you" meeting house will soon make (almost normal) visits between senior citizens and their relatives possible again.

Photo Credits/Copyright: tegos GmbH & Co. KG, Anna Cisek

tegos cancels participation at Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2020

  • tegos cancels participation at Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2020
  • tegos cancels participation at Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2020

The tegos GmbH & Co. KG cancels its participation as exhibitor at this year\'s Caravan Salon Düsseldorf. "We are confident that the Messe Düsseldorf and the CIVD association will be able to develop a coherent hygiene and safety concept. However, with such an internationally oriented trade fair, with exhibitors, visitors and service staff from all over the world, a residual risk in relation to the global corona pandemic cannot be excluded", states tegos managing director Peter Müller, explaining their decision, which was preceded by a long phase of analysis and risk assessment. "The mere fact that there is a residual risk due to this unswayable force majeure had us make the cancellation decision, in responsibility towards our employees, business partners and of course our customer community". To make matters worse: even though the trade fair has currently been postponed by only one week, the new dates thwart the entire production schedule in the important second half of the year when it is necessary to meet the vehicle manufacturers' delivery demand just in time. "Every member of the trade fair team will then be needed on site at the plant", says General Production Manager Matthias Müller, amidst a conflict of interest.

Caravan Salon - Publikum Andrang Massen

For the retrofitting of high-quality exchange modules in motor homes and caravans, the tegos manufacture in the exhibition halls is an important contact point for end customers. At this annual and most important trade fair of the industry worldwide, tegos always has its ear to the market and incorprates customer wishes into future series products, continuously increasing the quality of use and travel comfort in the mobile home. "How are we supposed to have our ear to the market at the trade fair stand if even the greeting smile is hidden behind the protective masks, invisible for our customers, and every curious touch of our trade fair exhibits is followed by an orgy of disinfection", end customer sales manager Alexander Scheld questions the expected trade fair procedures. "Unfortunately, we can not really see an exciting yet relaxed trade fair experience for our customers. Even the permanent wearing of protective masks is, with the expected summer temperatures at the beginning of September, a great strain for trade fair visitors, as well as for the exhibitor teams, over a period of 10 days, 8 hours a day."

Caravan Salon - Messegelaende Menschenmassen

The Caravan Salon is much more than a mere sales event, therefore economic goals only play a minor role in the decision to participate. The fair is a meeting point for the industry, for business partners and colleagues as well as potentially new B2B contacts. New ideas are discussed, future projects are initiated. With the private guests, an exchange of experiences and dialogue takes place and new product highlights are presented to a broad audience. It is doubtful that this is possible in a sterile and distant atmosphere, despite all the efforts of the trade fair organisers. "The majority of our private customers belong to the Corona risk group due to their age. Likewise, many of the exhibitors' team members are seasoned leaders of the 50plus or even 60plus generation. My father and mother, i.e. the boss and head of the family business, also belong to this group", says junior boss Matthias Müller with concern in a responsible setting. It is unbearable to imagine members of the trade fair team in Düsseldorf become infected with Covid-19, unnoticed by staff and families, subsequently bringing the virus to their homes, and thus also into the Lake Constance region, triggering far-reaching quarantine measures and the closure of companies and tourist facilities. It would be incontheivable if massive disease progressions and even worse were the result. "All in all more than just a residual risk, and therefore the right decision", is the position of those responsible at tegos.

Caravan Salon - Grossveranstaltung Publikum

"The decision not to participate in the Caravan Salon 2020 is of course a serious one and our concern also applies to the trade fair constructors, hoteliers, gastronomers and taxi operators, as well as all other jobs that are directly or indirectly depending on such a mega-event of global significance", adds Stephan Olier, who is responsible for the marketing and trade fair presence of the medium-sized family business. "We will think of something to personally keep in touch with our commercial and private customers in the second half of the year". A presence at small, local events or even a promotional tour visiting the camping and motorhome sites – which will hopefully be back in regular operation by then – certainly fits better with the currently applicable Corona rules. Further information on this will follow timely – please also watch our Facebook page:

tegos - lokale Events - Endkunden Dialog

Photos credits / copyright: Messe Düsseldorf - Constanze Tillmann, Stephan Olier, tegos

Through the crisis together: tegos produces Corona protective masks

  • Through the crisis together: tegos produces Corona protective masks
  • Through the crisis together: tegos produces Corona protective masks
  • Through the crisis together: tegos produces Corona protective masks

Unconventional times call for unconventional solutions. And so, the hard-working ladies from the tegos cable manufactory - where normally complex cable harnesses for motorhomes, caravans & co. are produced - now produce corona protection masks. After the tegos business customers, i.e. the well-known manufacturers of recreational vehicles, have stopped their own production due to interrupted supply chains mainly from China and Northern Italy, tegos had to close the doors of the main plant in Ostrach at Lake Constance for three weeks. All was at halt, all production lines - doors, flaps, insect screens and cable systems - were shut down to zero. All went silent in the production halls, where otherwise 150 employees saw, cut, bend, powder-coat, deep-draw, foam, form, screw, hammer, assemble, control quality and do logistics. Likewise, only an emergency staff held position in the administration. But above all, you would see no fellows working together, laughing together, normally being the team spirit of the tegos family.

"When suddenly everything is deserted and quiet in your factory halls, where normally there is a hustle and bustle from morning to night, it is an oppressive feeling", admits tegos' senior boss Peter Müller, who searched for alternative solutions during the shutdown, together with junior boss Matthias Müller and the entire family. "In such an exceptional situation, it is particularly important to have a level-headed, forward-looking and creative crisis management, not only to lead the company safely through uncertain times, but also to send a signal to the employees when and how to proceed", the junior boss of the Müller entrepreneurial family describes his task. Consideration was given back and forth as to what and how business operations could be returned to normal as quickly as possible and, above all, how all the corona rules for the protection of the entire workforce after the restart could be implemented as optimally as possible in the operations that would then be running again.

"Maybe we should have designed a toilet paper roll-up machine. That would probably have made us the hero of the day for a while", smiles Peter Müller, who has apparently not lost his sense of humor even during the crisis. "But seriously: We looked ahead and Corona protective masks are most urgently needed at the moment. So we have found a solution to produce these masks." First, a few employees from the cable assembly tailor masks for their fellow colleagues. "The aim is to produce five reusable and washable masks for each employee and, of course, to distribute them free of charge among the workforce", says Stephanie Scheld, who is responsible for employee development in the family business. But also business partners and suppliers, who are in close contact with the tegos factory, receive the masks produced by the company on request. "We can and want to support the community of Ostrach and the citizens of Ostrach with our self-produced masks", adds Managing Director Peter Müller. "But we are also happy to support our business customers and their staff and thus help where we can". By the way, the short-term 'production changeover' is made possible by an ultra-modern and ultra-precise laser cutting machine with which the fabric blanks are produced. And, of course, the skilful and industrious hands of the ladies from the cable factory, who sew the high-quality and functional protective masks from the pieces of fabric - against a virus that demands creative and new solutions from all of us in changing times.

  • Through the crisis together: tegos produces Corona protective masks
  • Through the crisis together: tegos produces Corona protective masks

On April 29th, Matthias Müller, manager and head of the entire production of tegos GmbH & Co KG, personally handed over 100 self-sewn mouth and nose protection masks to Ostrach's mayor Christoph Schulz and Manfred Essel from the Economic Development Office. The masks, which come in two different sizes, are chequered in red and white, according to the municipal colours of Ostrach, and were sewn by two of the six cable assembly employees of the tegos business during the last days. Before that, the employees had already finished the approximately 800 masks for the staff of tegos GmbH. Mayor Schulz became aware of the locally produced masks during a conversation with tegos CEO Peter Müller a few days ago, thereupon showing interest to equip the employees of the municipality of Ostrach with masks alike.

The world stands together as one- a nice gesture from China

tegos Corona Masken China Peter Müller

The fact that the Corona crisis is a global challenge is not only shown in a negative sense by the pandemic spread of the virus and the interruption of worldwide supply chains because somewhere in the world a product cannot be produced and shipped as part of a large whole, but above all in a positive sense when globally networked companies support each other in difficult times. Be it with small gestures or the delivery of urgently needed protective equipment or medical aid.

As many people know, tegos also deliver their high-quality door modules for RVs to China, where camping is booming as well as in many other parts of the world. We reported in a detailed news post "China goes camping - and tegos goes along" about the amazing variety and exciting vehicle solutions in which tegos modules are already part of a new travel culture within the rising great power of Asia. "We are good friends with our contact and business partner, Mr. Li of Bijing United Industries & Trade Ltd. (BUIT). Our meetings, for example at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, are certainly among my personal business highlights", tegos CEO Peter Müller describes the successful and personal business relationship with his Chinese partner. "We were really emotionally touched when 2,000 high-quality corona protection masks from China - a gift from our business friend Mr. Li - reached us in Ostrach." A great gesture across all borders, which shows that the word 'globalization' can also have a very positive connotation in Corona times. So we just want to say Xièxiè la - Thank you!

Danke Thanks Xiexie la China Masken Masks tegos

Fendt Caravans - Series winner by quality

Champagne corks were popping in the bavarian/swabian town of Mertingen. Proud and broadly laughing faces here, a few tears of joy there. And rightly so! The Fendt vehicles were the caravans of the year 2017. I.e. not one patricular model of the different series, but in three categories the Fendt caravans were at the top of the podium. "It's great to be at the pole position in all of the categories in which we were nominated", says the proud Fendt marketing manager, Thomas Kamm. The "Stuttgarter Motorpresse" media company surveys its readers every year and the result is clear: Top positions in the middle class categories for the model series "Saphir" and in the upper middle class with the "Diamond". Above all, Fendt is lead in almost all the evaluated categories at the "Customer is king"-award last year, and also the overall winner. At the 2018 and 2019 awards, first and second places were numerous. Same in 2020, of course. Convinced repeaters, apparently.

tegos Fendt Caravans Tuer Saphir

The latest vote of the readers of the magazine "caravaning" from the traditional Stuttgart publisher in detail: In the category "Medium Class": winner for the "Saphir" and runner-up for the Bianco models "Bianco Selection / Bianco Activ / Bianco Emotion". In the category "Upper Middle Class" also 1st price for the "Opal" model range, and in the top category "Upper and Luxury Class" - not very surprising - 1st award for the popular "Diamond" and bronze goes to the "Tendenza".

tegos Tueren - Fendt Caravans des Jahres 2020

We congratulate at this point, but not without being a bit happy for tegos, as well. Since model year 2017, all vehicles of the high-quality Fendt caravan series are delivered with tegos premium doors as standard. Without exception. Resting on your laurels is out of the question. The long-established company, which originally developed and produced tractors, leaves nothing to chance and so they have further optimised the 2020 caravans for their already satisfied customers. Numerous innovations can be found when studying the information on their homepage. The most striking visual change is certainly the felicitous redesign of the rear, while the exterior design remains timelessly modern. Quite "typically Fendt".

  • Fendt Caravans - Series winner by quality
  • Fendt Caravans - Series winner by quality

The high detail quality of all their caravans and the exact, target group-specific differentiation of the series are an important guarantee for the series wins mentioned above and the role of the customer favourite. The right Fendt model is available for every application, every taste and every phase of life. For example, the "Sapphire" for singles or two people. Or the "Bianco Selection" for families, and its brother "Active" for the active campers. The "Tendenza" allowed the designers to really let off steam, the "Opal" fulfils established expectations of the luxury class. And the "Diamant" is the classic in the luxurious premium class.

Photo credits/Copyright: Fendt-Caravan GmbH | Video: YouTube

Niesmann+Bischoff Motorhomes - With Clou inside

  • Niesmann+Bischoff Motorhomes - With Clou inside
  • Niesmann+Bischoff Motorhomes - With Clou inside

Let's be honest: Don't the pictures on this page tempt you to a silent 'Wow'? "Never before has a liner been more automotive", was the headline of one of the leading trade magazines, promobil, about the current model Flair from Niesmann+Bischoff. Rightly so! The mind says: "This is a motorhome", but the gut feeling raves: "This is fascinating, automotive design". Where does a motorhome stop? Where does a whole new vehicle class begin? The jury of the reddot Design Award is also enthusiastic about the exterior design.

The best thing is that anyone can further refine the design of their dream vehicle. Be it discreetly noble, or with strong color accents, sporty and striking. Because at Niesmann+Bischoff you don't just buy a motorhome. You fulfil wishes, dreams and goals. This lifestyle can be described perfectly with the artistic term 'glamping', but it does not adequately meet the expectations of the motorhome manufacturer from Polch, Rhineland-Palatinate. The mobile, glamorous and luxurious lifestyle says little about the quality of the vehicle. And this is exactly where the DNA of Niesmann+Bischoff comes in, which goes back to the first legendary model, the 'Clou'.

  • Niesmann+Bischoff Motorhomes - With Clou inside
  • Niesmann+Bischoff Motorhomes - With Clou inside

A pursuit of innovation is demanded from the developers. And the entire creativity of the customer is required, as well. Also in the interior. The possibilities of tasteful material selection and colour design alone were previously unthinkable for motorhomes and luxury liners. Not so at Niesmann+Bischoff. This reinforces the 'I want to have'-effect. Whether it's the liners "Arto" and "Flair", or the rather compact "Smove": Welcome to the seductive world of Niesmann+Bischoff. Now you can say 'Wow' - loudly.

Photo credits/Copyright: Niesmann+Bischoff GmbH

Robel RVs - solid as a castle

  • Robel RVs - solid as a castle
  • Robel RVs - solid as a castle
  • Robel RVs - solid as a castle

My RV is my home and my home is my castle. At least this is how the philosophy of the Robel Mobil Fahrzeugbau GmbH could be summed up. Because every motorhome that leaves the factory in Emsbüren, Lower Saxony, is as solid as a castle and seems to be carved out of solid material. Everything is absolutely torsion-resistant, permanently tight, designed for a long service life and maximum customer satisfaction. Robel have invested a lot of energy in the quality of the construction since the company was founded. You can see from the superstructures and furniture fittings that the roots of the company go back to the craftsmanship of master carpenter Günther Robel, who had already gained experience in special vehicle construction. In 1994, together with his wife Agnes, he took the step into self-employment. The quality convinced immediately - already in the following year the first 25 vehicle orders were placed. A great start into a successful future. To this day, a steadily growing fan community appreciates the fact that you don't just get off-the-shelf vehicles, but can have your individual wishes and ideas tailored. "The intensive consulting and planning phase is particularly important to us and virtually welds us together with our customers", explains Managing Director Agnes Robel-Jänchen.

The original founding idea of Günther Robel is still transported into the future today and stands for "ideas from experience". No wonder, then, that the robust and durable, optimally insulated GFK-PUR-GFK body, using a connection technology developed by the company's founder, is finding more and more friends among the travel-mobile individualists. The Robel Club probably has the most loyal customers among its members. With such a consistent focus on quality, customer satisfaction and modern development know-how, success is inevitable. In the new plant with 3,000 m² of manufacturing space and 200 m² of exhibition space, 20 committed employees work today on individual vehicles.

  • Robel RVs - solid as a castle
  • Robel RVs - solid as a castle
  • Robel RVs - solid as a castle

Now, you might think that the mobile home - the Robel Castle - would be climbed over a drawbridge. Well, you're not all that wrong with this idea, because the robust premium quality is also reflected in the entrance doors installed. Without exception, Robel relies on the high-quality, double-locked modules from the tegos factory. Somehow, their minds seem to fit and get along very well. It is nice that the promise of quality 'Made in Germany' still exists today in this consistent form. Here, two have searched and found each other.

Robel Reisemobilbau: 25 Jahre InnovationThis year Robel celebrate their 25th anniversary. A large in-house exhibition on the last September weekend was a perfect occasion to invite all their friends, customers, partners and above all the loyal vehicle owners of the Robel Mobil Club to join in the celebrations. For over 95% of all Robel mobiles ever produced are still on the road all over the world. Many of them came to Emsbüren to congratulate, 25 of them were vehicles based on VW Bulli T4, all lined upright for the parade. tegos were also on site - we would never miss such an important anniversary of our service partner. We've had a good time, and due to the many good talks we just had, we're checking on projecting a small, modern retrofit door for older Robel RVs.

  • Robel RVs - solid as a castle
  • Robel RVs - solid as a castle
  • Robel RVs - solid as a castle
  • Robel RVs - solid as a castle
  • Robel RVs - solid as a castle

Photos/Copyright: Robel Mobil Fahrzeugbau GmbH / Stephan Olier / tegos

China goes camping - and tegos goes along

  • China goes camping - and tegos goes along
  • China goes camping - and tegos goes along

The industry is booming. Caravaning is more popular than ever before. New record figures every year. More and more vehicles are occupying new niches. From extremely compact mini campers to a variety of campervans, to classic motorhomes, impressive liners and adventure vehicles that can take you to every corner of the world. And, fortunately, more and more families and young camping enthusiasts are discovering the world of travelling in their own mobile homes. But it's not only booming in Germany and Europe: also in asia, and above all China, the Caravaning community grows rapidly. Especially in China, lifestyle and travelling are expressions of a new social and international self-confidence. One trend is emerging: China is going camping.

tegos China Reisemobile Tuer YATE

tegos China Reisemobile Tuer YATE Mercedes

Put simply: When noise, hectic rush and smog become too much in the big cities, their inhabitants are attracted to the countryside. If you google a little, you'll quickly come across China's largest camping fair. The AIC, 'All-In-Caravaning', counterpart to the leading European trade fair, the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, Germany. OK, if you watch the Youtube videos about Asian motorhomes from recent years, you may smirk a little at first, because many cute bonsai-motorhomes seem to confirm old prejudices.

tegos China Reisemobile Tuer Luxus YATE

But the Chinese motorhome industry is focusing on quality and is showing impressively what is possible in the compact motorhome segment, which is also popular in Europe. Cutting-edge basic vehicles, the latest Iveco Daily or Mercedes Sprinter. Sophisticated and high-quality interiors. Slideout sideways? Sure! Rear slideout? Yea, why not! Slideout on the side and in the rear? Everything seems possible. Even a real washing machine is often on board. Disney's Mickey Mouse branding has also found its way into motorhomes. tegos has exported a sea container to China, packed down to the last millimetre with premium doors, and is now part of a large product variety of the "Yate"-brand. And those are really great motorhomes. When (and if) will the first Yate vehicles come to us? Have a look at their homepage

Photo credits/Copyright: 唐山亚特专用汽车有限公司 | Video: YouTube

Hymermobil B-Class MasterLine - The HYMER among motorhomes

For half a century now, the Hymermobil is one symbol of a motorhome and represents innovation, and quality "made in Germany". An now, HYMER lift their premium product portfolio to a new level by presenting their B-Class MasterLine, an integrated solution of the top notch class. The combination of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter power head and the well-praised SLC-chassis, autoproduced by HYMER, offer the most modern retrofit technology. With the new design element, the HYMER Iconic Signature, the exterior of the new flagship from Bad Waldsee also has a unique characteristic feature. In combination with the high-quality interior design and the very generous feeling of space, the Hymermobil B-Class MasterLine clearly stands out from the mass of integrated motorhomes up to 4.5 tonnes.

Hymermobil-B-Klasse MasterLine - tegos Aufbautuer

"With the new MasterLine, we are setting another major milestone in the history of our RVs. We are launching a vehicle on the market that reflects our well-known, brand-building premium claim. It features our company's best elements and components, in terms of both construction and design, as well as technology and chassis", says Christian Bauer, Managing Director of Hymer GmbH & Co. KG. Once again, the traditional manufacturer is focusing on the well-proven premium combination of the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Basis with the self-produced SLC-chassis. In its spacious double floor, the chassis has enough space for all technical components, while the interior provides a comfortable standing height of 1.98 metres, thanks to the stepless floor. A special highlight in the construction is the large panorama windscreen, which merges directly into the slightly curved side windows without a visible A-pillar, thus providing a very wide field of vision. The extra-wide entrance door has also been redesigned and optimally integrated into the living area, with integrated lighting on request, as well as pulling function and a convenient keyless access via RFID chip.

HYMER-B-Klasse-MasterLine - tegos-Premium-Tuer

Power, agility and convenience are the major key features of the Mercedes-Benz sprinter. Especially the optional 177 PS diesel engine, in combination with the 9-speed automatic, high crusing speeds can be achieved, with maximum comfort in both noise and drive, as well as an optimized fuel consumption. Numerous assistance systems, e.g. crosswind- or brake-assistance, as well as "Distronic", the active distance assistance, are also available on demand. In short: the new HYMER premium class drives as confidently as the MasterLine name promises. The complete redesign of the now slightly arrow-shaped bow section provides the MasterLine with the matching dynamic look. The visible edges pick up the lines of the headlamps and carry them into the extended side contour. The combination of high-gloss, black, chrome and LED elements on the front underline the exclusive racy appearance. The 3D GFK rear, including integrated rear light carrier and sporty diffuser optic, form the crisp, elegant finish of the vehicle. We find the new design, the HYMER Iconic Signature, is a great success. Very sleek and elegant at the same time.


The interior of the B-Class MasterLine also impresses with its harmonious interior design, whereby the modern straight lines known from HYMER have been further refined: The light furniture decor "Grand Oak" is combined with elements in modern white "super matt", while the darker "Velvet Ash" sets exclusive colour accents. The new combinations result in harmonious and homely colour compositions that are elegant and clean at the same time, and are consequently continued in the living room, bathroom and kitchen. The designers have proven a good hand here. Therefore, it is even more important that the retrofit door with its comfortably wide access dimension also blends harmoniously into the overall design and underlines the high-quality character, also in terms of haptics, with premium surface materials. Because HYMER remains faithful to its premium claim not only in terms of design, but also in terms of equipment and tangible quality. High-quality quilted woolen fabrics, for example, ensure cosy details in the wardrobe and in the wall coverings. For further visual enhancement of the driver's cab, all wall areas have been clad with fabric-laminated moulded parts, creating a pleasant symbiosis of living area and cockpit. A large seating area and a spacious kitchen with a large work surface ensure that the B-Class MasterLine not only has a spacious interior, but also a first-class lifestyle.


From the end of May 2019, the Hymermobil B-Class MasterLine will be available in floor plans 780 and 790. The 780 variant satisfies with its single beds that are more than two metres long and almost 90 cm wide, while the electrically height-adjustable queen-size bed with a lying surface of 200 to 156 cm is the highlight of the MasterLine 790 B-Class. All this provides a perfect place to live and, above all, a relaxed and comfortable place to sleep. The multi-level ambient lighting contributes to the feel-good atmosphere on board. Modern times also find their way into small technical details, such as the six USB ports in the living area, equipped as standard. An all-round impressive motorhome, for which we are already predicting a large fan base and a successful future.

Credits/Photos/Copyright: Hymer, Video: Youtube/Hymer

Door exclusively for EMHC members - welcome to the club

EMHC Logo tegos Tuer Mitglieder AngebotThe Euro Motorhome Club is the oldest and largest motorhome club in Germany and is one of the most active organisations looking after the interests of motorhome drivers. Because beside the sociability, also the political lobby work is one of the club's top priorities. So it was the EMHC who published the first campsite guide in Germany. The EMHC is also active against inappropriate taxes and futile restrictions in traffic law. The fact that motorhomes up to 7.5 tons are allowed to drive on motorways at 100 km/h today is also due to the strong commitment of the EMHC. The club is currently fighting to ensure that motorhomes up to 4.25 tonnes can be driven with a class B driving licence in future - this is also intended to give young families access to larger RVs. "The 3.5-tonne limit is no longer up to date", says EMHC President Dieter Steinacker.

tegos EMHC Mitglieder  Angebot Tuer

EMHC Logo tegos Tuer Mitglieder Angebot It's always an impressive picture when EMHC members gather with their rolling holiday homes at a meeting or travel together with the various mobiles. Models of all manufacturers and of all ages, but also individual vehicle solutions are to be found here. Everyone is very welcome. It is therefore worth it being a member of the Euro Motorhome Club - including a 'first aid' in technical and legal matters. And if you are not a member yet, you can easily become one. And with the exclusive tegos offer, membership pays off twice.

More information about the exclusive offer of the EMHC-Edition door and the Euro Motorhome Club can be found on our Club page.

Photo credits/Copyright: Euro Motorhome Club e.V.

Hobby Caravan - Market leader with tradition

tegos Hobby Wohnwagen Tradition Qualitaet

tegos Hobby Reisemobile Stauraumklappe Optima DeluxeWhat began more than 50 years ago with the foundation of the company by Harald Striewski, has on the q.t. become the world's largest caravan manufacturer. Today, 56 models in 7 series alone come from this modern factory of hobby caravans, to offer enthusiastic friends of caravaning a mobile home all over the world.

In addition, there are 33 motorhome models, divided into three series, which are released in all directions from the Hobby motorhome factory. We didn't want to leave these impressive company figures unmentioned, because the modest people of Schleswig-Holstein themselves don't make such a big deal about them. Very likeable and more than just a hobby.

tegos Hobby Wohnwagen Tradition Qualitaet

Just one single exception: on April 30th, 2017, company boss Harald Striewski really had a blast: a street party for all 1,100 Hobby employees and their families, as a thank-you for 50 years of success. "Beautiful it's been, more beautiful it will be", was the motto under which more than 40,000 enthusiastic guests celebrated a lavish party with an impressive supporting programme. tegos is a small part of this success and supplies the premium flaps for the "Optima Premium" and "DeLuxe" motorhomes, as well as for the "Ontour".

Photo credits/Copyright: Hobby-Wohnwagenwerk Ing. Harald Striewski GmbH | Video: YouTube

Dethleffs motorhomes - trendsetters with esprit and pulse

  • Dethleffs motorhomes - trendsetters with esprit and pulse
  • Dethleffs motorhomes - trendsetters with esprit and pulse

If - like the traditional manufacturer Dethleffs - you've been setting trends again and again for many years and decades, always close to the pulse of time and at the pole position of the wish lists of the current generation of travelling globetrotters, and above that continuously further develop your models with flair and esprit, then a kind of magic has to be involved. And then - and only then - can you call your models "Trend", "Pulse", "Esprit", "Magic" and "Globetrotter" with a clear conscience. "Globebus", "Globeline" and "Alpa" are also mentioned for the sake of completeness.

tegos Dethleffs Reisemobile Alpa

All in all a good choice of names, you might say. But that is only half the truth. Because the current models were consistently developed for high travel comfort, a comfy living atmosphere, maximum freedom, family suitability and the needs of a demanding and very experienced target group. Because a motorhome is much more than just a home on four wheels, a car for almost every day or a practical shuttle for bag and baggage. A Dethleffs is above all a friend of the family.

tegos Dethleffs Reisemobile Pulse GT

tegos Dethleffs Reisemobile Pulse

The partially and fully integrated model "Pulse" impresses with a particularly harmonious interior in which maximum emphasis was set on the lighting mood. Together with lighting expert Gabrielle Allendorf from Light Identity, the radiance of both daylight and artificial light was staged so perfectly for the first time in a motorhome of this class. It is almost a pity that breakfast in the morning sun or dinner under a starry sky are just as appealing. Anyone who enjoys sports activities and travelling with their family, will be delighted that the popular "Trend" model has also been revised: Even more quality, possibilities, fresh designs and smart details. So it is and will remain exciting at Dethleffs. And it is guaranteed that they will not be running out of clever model names.

Photo credits /Copyright: Dethleffs GmbH & Co. KG

Morela RVs and Liners - on the road, yet at home

tegos Morelo Reisemobile Liner Premium QaulitaetTree has been planted, baby has been made, Morelo has been driven. Wait, what? Yes, dear ambitious motorhome owners, liner-drivers and those who would like to become one in the future. We at tegos are daredevil. Simply taking and modifying the well-known 'tree-child-house' wisdom, and instead of the 'we can do it'-approach we're setting up a 'we have accomplished it'-feeling for the proud Morelo owners. We could phrase it even better. How about: Tree has been planted, baby has been made, loft has been driven. Or home. Or palace. We'd rather not state it 'Empire has been founded' at this point. But Morelo have the self-confidence to call their vehicles home, loft, palace, ... and even an empire. And we think: rightly so.

"On the road, yet at home": this is how the current claim by Morelo welcomes well-heeled caravaning fans who are looking for a first class motorhome. Because they have already planted their tree (or trees), have already made their baby (or babies), have already built their loft (or probably even a palace), and quite a few of them have already founded a small empire, so to say at least in terms of business life. Therefore, to drive a Morelo - no matter which model line - is a firm statement of a sophisticated travel desire. To be on the road, but not to do without excellent premium comfort and highest quality sealed with 'Made in Germany'. Driving a Morelo is the comforting feeling of being at home anywhere in the world. At home on the road.


  • Morela RVs and Liners - on the road, yet at home
  • Morela RVs and Liners - on the road, yet at home

The enthusiasm of the customers proves the Morelo masterminds right. Within just a few years, Morelo succeeded in becoming the most successful manufacturer of luxury motorhomes in Europe. And the path upwards continues. For the coming year 2020, their models "Home" and "Loft" were thoroughly revised and now also carry the design genes of the large "Empire"-models. The brand elements and the luxurious first class feeling are emphasized even more intensively by the revised exterior and interior. Morelo are setting standards with their new driving safety package and exclusive base vehicles by Iveco, with the latest emission class (acc. to EU6d-Temp). The 2020 generation of "Home"- and "Loft"- models even features the newly developed tegos body door with an exclusive Morelo design, thus outplaying even higher positioned liners. First-class comfort functions, design, haptics and the quality of the entire door module fit seamlessly into the Morelo brand promise.

tegos Morelo Reisemobile Liner - Luxus Tuer Qaulitaet

The author of these lines, with his unspectacular condo and professional down-to-earth attitude far beyond "Palace" and "Empire", has set himself a goal: A visit to the local tree nursery. A man has to start with something. Maybe one day it will work out with a loft. With a shiny Morelo logo on the front. And then everywhere at home.

Photo credits/Copyright: Morelo Reisemobile GmbH

Caravan Salon Düsseldorf - here we go again

  • Caravan Salon Düsseldorf - here we go again
  • Caravan Salon Düsseldorf - here we go again

The Caravan Salon is the big highlight of the year. Also for tegos the most important leading fair of the caravaning industry represents the ultimate seasonal highlight to spend a good time with customers, friends and business partners, to talk shop and to be inspired by new ideas and trends. Like in the previous year, tegos will again be exhibiting in 2019 in Hall 13 on Stand C89.

The two weeks of the fair begin with an early morning departure in Ostrach on Lake Constance - from 4 o'clock in the morning, we head towards sunrise, with the destination "Fair Grounds", right next to the famous airport and the football arena of the Rhineland metropolis. The navigation system displays about 550 kilometres, coffee is on board, the radio is playing and with a regular break the motorway exit and then the exhibition halls finally come into view after a good 8 hours drive. But there is not much time to catch breath. Quick unloading is the order of the day.

So get out of the truck and for the first time this year the loading ramp will kiss the floor of the exhibition grounds. A few days earlier, on the weekend, the Düsseldorf booth builders and our marketing manager from the Ruhr area have already set up the basics. Carpet, side walls, technology, lighting and the widely visible tegos banner are already installed. Like in the 2 previous years, the Promotion-Mobile was parked precisely to the centimetre and serves as a convenient and separate fully air-conditioned meeting room during the fair. Up to seven comfortable, leather-covered meeting places, a retreat and working space as well as a separate refrigerator and, if demanded, even cosy ambient lighting are all included. Every year, the Dethleffs 4-Travel gives the active tegos management and its guests a relaxing treat.

But now: let's get things started at the trade fair stand. Everywhere, also at the neighbours, there is screwing, sawing, painting, the trade fair modules are moved into position, wall surfaces are foil-wrapped and designed colourfully and informatively. Countless radios seem to be competing in the hall, the beats setting the pace in many places. When everyone is scampering around on the trade fair stand, things can get tight. But they all get along and do their job in a coordinated manner. This year it's really hot again. Summery and unfortunate sultry 30°C+ make the strenuous construction work a sweaty affair. Litres of mineral water soothe the greatest thirst.

Despite all the professionalism of the tegos trade fair team, one thing is certain: everyone is having fun. Must be, otherwise there'd be no fun. Or "Spässle", as the Upper Swabian would say. Because Tobias Schaade, for the first time head of the set-up, has everything under control as the boss of cordless screwdrivers and ensures a good mood in the team with his clear announcements and collegial encouragement, despite time stress and real hard work. The handover date is coming nearer, everything went perfectly. tegos boss Peter Müller confirms the good result of the teamwork. Thanks, guys! And already he's gone again. Dates, dates - the fair is a full programme for exhibitors for 14 days. In the evening, finally there's a shared meal for everyone and the well-deserved after-work beer. Tomorrow the work will continue and two days later it will start.

  • Caravan Salon Düsseldorf - here we go again
  • Caravan Salon Düsseldorf - here we go again
  • Caravan Salon Düsseldorf - here we go again
  • Caravan Salon Düsseldorf - here we go again

So, come by and visit us in Düsseldorf. Come to the Caravan Salon 2019, in hall 13, booth C89. There are 10 visitor fair days for you, with a full programme and a lot to discover. From Saturday, Aug. 31st, for all private visitors, one trade visitor day before. It's worth it. And the tegos team is delighted. Because we - and all exhibitors - do everything for you, our satisfied customers and those who would like to become one now. This year our team has even increased: Riepert Fahrzeugbau from Polch - the specialists for particularly difficult conversion requests and restoration cases - i.e. the Riepert siblings in persona, live and in colour, are co-exhibitors. A warm welcome! Here's to a successful event together and many good customer talks!

Of course, you should not miss the tegos product highlights. For example the premium door with very discreet and hardly visible hinges in the sealing rubbers. This looks particularly elegant on the vehicle. Or are you a member of the EMHC? Then we have a special EMHC edition door for you, with great equipment features and price advantages. Tip: You can find an application for a new EMHC member on our flyer. And, of course, not to forget our popular trade fair offer: The s-Package, an additional, fully integrated security lock from ABUS, is then part of every replacement door. Cost advantage during the trade fair: Over 180,00 EUR. So it's worth it. See you in Düsseldorf!

Further information about the Caravan Salon, e.g. opening hours, admission prices and discounts, parking spaces and of course comfortable online tickets can be found at:



Photo Credits/Copyright: Marcel Bergelt, Stephan Olier, Messe Düsseldorf, tegos GmbH & Co. KG

PhoeniX Motorhomes and Liners - First Class Travels

  • PhoeniX Motorhomes and Liners - First Class Travels
  • PhoeniX Motorhomes and Liners - First Class Travels

First class travel is the claim under the PhoeniX logo. And of course First Class Travelling is the top entry on the wish list of demanding, solvent PhoeniX motorhome owners. But there is much more behind the impressive liners and opulent alcove vehicles: the PhoeniX philosophy. Because what is handcrafted at the Aschbach plant is the result of a lot of mental work. 70 employees of the family-owned company, headed by managing director and master carpenter Oliver Schell, build around 120-130 luxury cars per year, in a rather atypical manner: from the outside to the inside. First the cabin, then the interior. A 42 mm aluminium-PU-aluminium rear wall provides the stability of a cube. Quality that makes a 10-year tightness-guarantee possible. The furniture is built using a complex front frame construction method. Exact and firm connections with aluminium profiles as well as high-quality materials, handles and fittings make the interior stable, durable and free from rattling. And of course attractive. The complex insulation guarantees a year-round enjoyment in the mobile home. Since its foundation in 1997, more than 2,000 First Class PhoeniX vehicles with character have been created.

tegos PhoeniX Reisemobile - Innenraum Luxus

tegos PhoeniX Reisemobile - Medi Liner

Photos/Copyright: Schell Fahrzeugbau GmbH

Bürstner RVs and caravans - for the whole family

tegos Buerstner Servicecenter

tegos Buerstner Reisemobil - Lyseo Time AlkovenIf you are looking for a family-friendly leisure vehicle, you should definitely plan a tour to the Bürstner Service Center in Kehl. It is located in the west of Baden-Württemberg, directly at the Rhine and just opposite Strasbourg. Worth a trip anyway. 'Cause for more than 55 years, Bürstner have been concentrating particularly on leisure mobilists who prefer to travel the world with their whole family in their caravans and motorhomes. The compact 'Lyseo Time A' motorhome offers maximum space with manageable dimensions. And with overnight accommodations for up to 6 people, also grandpa and grandma are welcome. They will especially appreciate the comfortable XXL entrance door, but also it's a great place for children to get in and out while playing. Customer-friendly vehicle prices also allow plenty of air in the holiday cash register, e.g. bowling with the children (and grandma and grandpa). It is not without reason that the 'Lyseo Time A' has been awarded Motorhome of the year 2019, in the class of alcoves up to 50,000 euros.

tegos Buerstner Caravan Averso

And if you prefer to travel by car, with your mobile home on the hook, you should take a look at the unique lift-bed solution in the 'Averso Plus' caravan. Perfect space economy with compact dimensions and low weight. This is how family caravanning works today.

Photos/Copyright: Bürstner GmbH & Co. KG

Sports caravan - Cube for Man and Machine

"You'll never be alone!". The sports caravan brings together what belongs together: man and machine, man and sports equipment. Garage and living box on wheels. Cool, clever and life-stylish. Sleeping in a separate hotel or uncomfortable tent was yesterday. With his start-up, inventor and founder Steffen Gross has created a new market segment that has not existed before. A product for bikers and active recreational sportsmen in its most functional form, the "Cube". Sports caravans can take along not only their motorcycles, but also bicycles, mountain bikes, jet skis, paragliders and other high-quality leisure equipment.

Sportcaravan Logo"Our sports caravan is an integrated transport and living solution for all those who, for example, want to make longer trips with their motorcycles and do not feel like spending the night in a hotel and at the same time want their sports equipment or their top-class two-wheeled babies to be close at hand", is how Steffen Gross describes his idea. "You don't separate a man from his machine. We'd love to take our moped to bed with us, wouldn't we", smiles sports caravan inventor Gross. "Experience has shown, however, that this will cause trouble with the lady of the mobile house." Thanks to the clever concept of the sports caravan, disagreements with the "Lady" are now a thing of the past. While the motorised sports equipment is waiting at the rear for the next ride, the living area offers a cosy place for two, him and you, dog, family and friends.

  • Sports caravan - Cube for Man and Machine
  • Sports caravan - Cube for Man and Machine

For all sports enthusiasts with hot gear in their luggage, Steffen Gross has designed the ultimate transport and lifestyle vehicle. The mobile hotel with garage is available in two versions: Cube 4 and Cube 5. From the outside a seemingly inconspicuous box, but from the inside a true gem with countless well thought-out functions, manufactured in the best German craftsman quality, in Harthausen near Speyer. It can be refined at any time with specials such as an awning or an electric motorbike retractor. The absolute USP and innovator function, however, is the combination of a safe, dry and odourless biker garage and a caravan cabin for up to four people. The simple and pragmatic cube shape does not seem to suggest that the interior of the sports caravan offers some real amenities: comfortable beds, perfect mini kitchen, dining table, storage space and, in the XXL version, even a shower. It simply got everything, and all well thought out. No sophisticated nicknack, but everything is practical and reduced to an action-packed travel pleasure. Thus pure utility value, yet infinite fun.

Sportcaravan Cube Motorrad Mountain Bike tegos Tuer

The ingeniousness of this idea seems so obvious. The renowned jury of the International Automotive Brand Award probably thought so, too, and chose the design concept of the sports caravan as the winner in the "Future, Mobility, Parts"-category. The jurors were thrilled by so much inventiveness and genuine street credibility. The award ceremony took place during the Mondial de L'Automobile in Paris on October 2nd, 2018. Just three years after the start of the company, a big surprise and an even bigger confirmation. Congratulations, respect and hats off. With this award, the Design Council honours outstanding product and communication design and thus promotes the elementary importance of brand and brand design in the automotive industry. Company founder Steffen Gross and his team won the coveted award for the first time. Steffen Gross was able to convince the jury with the totally well thought-out concept of the "Cube", combined with the best German craftsmanship and optimal use of space. In addition, the sports caravan represents a completely new market segment. Product design, functionality and the slogan "You'll never be alone!" hit the nerve of time.

Sportcaravan German Innovation Design Brand Award

Steffen Gross puts it in a nutshell: "Just pack up the machine, invite your friends, go somewhere comfortable, camp and then go to the slopes! In the living area there is space for up to four people, who can also be served well with food and drink. In the evening, four sleeping places are quickly prepared. In the Cube 5 model there is even a WC/shower. "If the weather permits, the bikers sit outside anyway, grilling, listening to music or enjoying nature", Steffen Gross gives an insight into the typical camping world of bikers and active sportsmen. "Fun is OK but the utility value is just as important. Form follows function! And that's where our two cube versions are unbeatable." The current versions Cube 4 and Cube 5 offer 6 to 7 metres of outside length with sufficient space for man and machine and different levels of comfort, depending on the interior. And including the many options, the Cubes can be equipped according to desire, mood and budget, depending on the number of mopeds, circle of friends or relationship status. Oh, on this matter, please let me point you to that sweetest of dog puppies in the enclosed video at time mark 8:35 - You'll never be alone! The sports caravan brings together what belongs together: man and machine, friends, family, lady and dog. This idea by Steffen Gross is consistently well thought out, as we think. Nice to be part of this exciting success story.

Source and photos/copyright: Sportcaravan, Steffen Gross | Video source: YouTube

Marcel Bergelt - motocross driver, working student

  • Marcel Bergelt - motocross driver, working student
  • Marcel Bergelt - motocross driver, working student

Marcel Bergelt would like to become a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering. And Motorcross high-flyer. Doesn't fit together, you think? But yes, it does: At tegos, as a working student in the dual study program "DHBW", the dual university of the state of Baden-Württemberg. And at the ADAC BW-Cup, with the aim to become a motorcross career changer in the pole position. Of course, tegos has sponsored the racing student in order to support his ambitious plans. And is now also part of the team #24Bergelt on the race track and in the paddock.

tegos Sponsoring  - MotorCross Marcel BergeltBut first to the seriousness of life: What is a dual study? Actually quite simple and reasonable: A technical course of study in theory and a realistic learning experience in daily practice. Sounds exciting, and in fact it is. After three years, you graduate with a bachelor's degree and start your career with considerably more practical experience than applicants without dual training. Twice a year Marcel Bergelt therefore swaps the lecture hall for the tegos workshops. For three months at a time, he then is part of production planning, supports material logistics, works with modern instruments such as the Kanban process control or takes care of the maintenance of the production facilities. Like a trainee, the working student passes through all departments. Not only technology, production and logistics, but also administration, sales and management. The aim is to grow into an all-rounder with a good general knowledge rather than specializing in a particular area. The choice of profession and opportunities on the job market are correspondingly diverse. "I haven't quite decided yet, as I won't be ready until October 2021. However, the dual system of study enables me to work in a wide range of positions later on.", says Marcel Bergelt, looking into the future both focused and relaxed. "Technical purchasing, for example, would be an interesting area of responsibility. That's exciting. Or something in the areas of communication, sales and marketing. Working with people and solving project tasks. That suits me." Normally, the last year of the apprenticeship is the first year of a more specialized course of study.

But enough of the work, now the pleasure follows. So up on your moped and at full throttle on the track. Originally, Marcel Bergelt comes from the MTB sport, and has made a name for himself in the Downhill European Cup since 2013. "But I've been infected with the motorsport virus since I was a little child, I've watched every kind of car and motorcycle race on TV, I've been excited about Formula 1 and the World Rally Championship while other kids were watching Teletubbies and Sesame Street", Marcel laughs." And, of course, motorcycling was always the highlight for me. I already knew back then that I wanted to do that."

  • Marcel Bergelt - motocross driver, working student
  • Marcel Bergelt - motocross driver, working student
  • Marcel Bergelt - motocross driver, working student
  • Marcel Bergelt - motocross driver, working student

The 2016 season saw the switch from muscle power to engine power. Finally 18, finally driver's license. Marcel exchanged his mountain bike for his first motorcross bike. Not an easy task for a career changer, because all competitors around him had already started on the motorcycle in their very young years and have imbibed the basics of Motorcross from their infancy. But also other career changers from the mountain bike sports could already assert themselves in higher motor sport classes. Apparently, professional downhill competitions are a good training for coordination, focus and fitness. Just think of Alexander Wurz, who has risen from MTB champion to Formula 1 and the Benetton team, where Michael Schumacher became world champion for two times. So there are plenty of ambitious goals. Also the first season 2016 was a surprisingly big success for the young beginner with the number 24 on his back. In the Hessen Cup he won one race in the debut season and stood on the podium four more times. "The jump in at the deep end was certainly the key to this quick success. Not just raving for a long time. Full throttle and tough competition", Marcel outs himself as a sporty daredevil.

Unfortunately, things didn't go quite so well in the current season. New bike, and problems with the fine-tuning of the suspension. Despite the 60 HP of his Honda CRF 450R, Marcel could not always attack the way he wanted in the first races. But the curve points upwards. Just in the last race - the podium or at least a top 5 result in sight - the rear tyre did burst. Bad luck, too. But this won't discourage us. In order to keep going, you need a little luck and even better material, which means more budget. Sure thing, tegos does support working student Marcel Bergelt as his sponsor and is now also present on the track and in the paddock. Although motorcross is one of the cheapest possibilities to do motorsport at all, without parents who share the enthusiasm and support it financially, every Euro of every supporter counts. "I am grateful to tegos not only for their financial support as a sponsor, but above all also for the great understanding as my employer, so that I can practice my sport professionally alongside my studies and training", Marcel is showing himself impressed by the support of the tegos management, first and foremost training manager Matthias Müller. "We are sure that his motivation in sport, his commitment, his ability to learn new processes as an autodidact, his sense of responsibility, his organisational talent and the ability to market himself can also be transferred to vocational training and his subsequent professional career", says tegos junior director Müller, praising his dual working student. So let's put the pedal to the metal together. We're all keeping our fingers crossed - both professionally and athletically.

Image credits/Copyright: Mx Pics Annett, Cross Pics Huth, tegos / Video source: YouTube

Mini sports caravan from Estonia

Mini caravans are very trendy, likeable, the eye-catcher at every trade fair and at every campsite. And they are a real alternative to tents, folding caravans or classic touring vehicles, especially for camping beginners and nature-loving campers. It can also be a bit crazier and more colourful. tegos delivers door modules with a striking orange frame all the way to Estonia to Respo, the manufacturer of small and special travel trailers.

Mini caravans are often affectionately called "tear drops", referring to the drop-shape of many mobile overnight solutions in XS format. For those who like it a little sportier and regularly take their mountain bikes, surfboards or canoes on adventure tours, the Respo Mini-Caravan is the right choice. Square, practical, good and ultra-compact. On a length of less than 2 metres 50, or just over 3 metres (depending on the model), the clever mini caravan of the diligent Estonians fulfils more than just basic needs for the accommodation of outdoor activists and their outdoor sports equipment. It's got all you need inside, everything fits, everything is perfectly thought out. After all, "Respo" means travel and sport.

  • Mini sports caravan from Estonia
  • Mini sports caravan from Estonia

tegos delivers the small side wall doors for the clever leisure trailer. "With the compact Respo caravans, we at the tegos Manufactory were able to demonstrate our flexibility perfectly", says Production Manager Matthias Müller, summing up the advantages of series production, small series and individual one-off production. "It doesn't matter whether the quantity is one, 10, 100 or several thousand units, we make it possible for our customers. This has apparently spread as far as Estonia", smiles Matthias Müller. Another advantage: the enormous vertical range of manufacture at the Ostrach site. Only the in-house powder coating made it economically possible to supply the door frames in the desired Respo orange colour. "With a rigid production line in which all frames run through uniformly in white, such special requests in comparatively small runs are hardly possible. And in the case of powder coating by external suppliers, the costs or deadlines, or both, quickly get out of hand", explains Production Manager Müller the tegos philosophy of the most complete in-house production possible. In Estonia, at any rate, the Respo success story continues to be written. The small space wonders are especially popular with campers who are enthusiastic about sports. And if a particular frame colour is desired: no problem. In the tegos manufactory we powder and do that.

Picture Credits/Copyright: tegos GmbH & Co. KG, Respo Haagised AS, Video Source: YouTube

Round Table on Five Senses Tour

Exciting visit to the tegos factory halls in Ostrach - exciting insights into the tegos world behind the factory gates and backdrops for the participants of the Sigmaringen Round Table. "With five senses through the company", was the motto for the Round Table delegates around President Dennis Ramsperger again. Almost as a late show, with event start only at 8 pm, the visitors could inform themselves with all their senses about the variety of products and, above all, the vertical range of manufacture in the tegos halls. Alexander Scheld led through the programme and the company.

  • Round Table on Five Senses Tour
  • Round Table on Five Senses Tour
  • Round Table on Five Senses Tour
  • Round Table on Five Senses Tour

Round Table is one of the service clubs without denominational or party-political ambitions and dates back to the foundation in 1927 in England as well as the usual club life there. The idea was that locally a small group of young men up to the age of 40 and consciously across all professions and social classes would unite to form a locally independent "table"; as a counter-movement to the mostly senior or aristocratic character in the English clubs of that time. The motto of the Round Table was a statement by Edward VIII, Prince of Wales, which was mainly aimed at young men, to unite traditional and new ideas, to adopt the tried and tested, but to adapt and further develop it in line with changing conditions in the present and the future. "Adopt, adapt, improve" - these guiding words were intended above all to promote friendships between young people regardless of their social background, service and commitment to the general public, the promotion of education and high ideals, and the deepening of national and international relations. Amazingly, in 2019 the motto is just as current, modern and future-oriented as it was 100 years ago.

Today the association has over 35,000 members in 60 countries, there are 230 clubs in Germany alone. 14 members form the "table" in Sigmaringen. And according to tradition, the 18-40 year old Round Tables are particularly committed to social and regional issues. Once a year, for example, a "Talk in the Hofgarten" takes place with the participation of local politicians and medium-sized entrepreneurs from the region, organised by the Sigmaringen Round Table. In 2018, tegos Managing Director Peter Müller was one of the guests at the panel discussion. By the end of the year, a truck full to the brim with gifts from the Sigmaringen company started as part of the Christmas parcel convoy. From Upper Swabia alone, 5,000 parcels were handed over to happy children in Bulgaria. Also on board was a € 6,000 cheque for the Angelo Foundation, collected at the talk event in the Hofgarten as donations. And on July 14th, 2019, the 11th benefit event, the "Sigmaringen Duck Race" on the Danube, will start. Up to 5,000 yellow plastic ducks will be competing in an exciting race from the starting point to the finishing point on the castle meadows, lined by a family-friendly supporting programme. All proceeds will of course be donated, this year to the "Elephant Project" of the Sigmaringen District Office and to the "Comforter Bears" of the local DRK Association.

  • Sigmaringen Duck Race
  • Sigmaringen Duck Race
  • Sigmaringen Duck Race
  • Sigmaringen Duck Race

So it was a particularly exciting visit to tegos, because we take our hat off to the social commitment of these Five Senses Tour participants. The positive commitment, the positive impulses and the positive headlines we all need at the moment. At the end of our event, we were therefore able to look with satisfaction at the faces that were quite surprised but in a good mood, in the certainty that we had given something back to the Round Tablers with the exciting tour through our company. "We all enjoyed the micro-event very much and we were very surprised by the size, the variety of products and the many stations in the individual production areas of tegos", says Round Table President Dennis Ramsperger, describing the impressions of the entire group. "We got a great insight into an aspiring, medium-sized family business. The range of competences presented by tegos is impressive. For example, I did not know the areas of cable production and the production of real estate bug shield systems for home or estate."

Credits/Copyright: tegos GmbH & Co. KG | Round Table Sigmaringen

In the long run (only) girl power helps

No clichés, please. For it goes without saying that Jennifer Fauser, the future machine and plant operator, will be standing in the tegos factory halls next to the large deep-drawing press. Girl-typical professions such as hairdresser or sausage saleswoman were never an option for Jennifer. The reasons lie in her family and her childhood: a tough mother who just managed everything from cooking delicious food to replacing the family car's exhaust, and two older sisters who were typical "girls". So it was clear early that Jennifer would have to pick a job that includes getting hands on and dirty. Fortunately for tegos, Jennifer Fauser decided to pursue a career with the manufacturer of door and flap modules, cable, locking and bug protection systems for motorhomes, caravans and special vehicles.

Ausbildung tegos Ostrach Frauen Bewerberinnen

"My mother was a role model for me, a great support, and has taught me a lot. Of course, everything a man can do, a woman can do as well. Or maybe better - was her motto", Jennifer Fauser looks back on her childhood in Pfullendorf. "Four girls under one roof, my sisters rather the typical girls, so it was clear that I wanted to learn a solid job and find my fortune in industry and trade." Said, done: In 2016, the new phase of her life began with a job as a production employee at tegos GmbH & Co. KG in Ostrach. Then one thing lead to another and despite her age, which was already atypical for apprentices, the training as a machine and plant operator attracted her.

"Shortly after joining our family business, I saw something very special in Mrs. Fauser - particularly a lot of potential", says Matthias Müller, head of training and junior manager, confirming his impressions of the tough new employee and current trainee. "We then offered her an apprenticeship and she seized the opportunity. Age, gender and other personal factors never played a role in our selection of employees and trainees. The only things that count are interest, commitment and the will to help shape and achieve our own and our common goals within the team of tegos employees", that's how Matthias Müller defines the company and personnel philosophy. Jennifer Fauser was able to realize her dream at tegos, finishing her apprenticeship in 2019 after a 3-year, mostly exciting apprenticeship. The profession of machine and plant operator is varied and challenging, requiring a lot of personal responsibility, care and solution-oriented work. The machines have to be set up and converted, operated and maintained naturally. Even basic programming skills are required in everyday life. Possible problems must be identified and solved at an early stage, otherwise the production stands still. A great deal of responsibility.

Jennifer Fauser Azubi tegos Frauen

Of course, even today working on large machines in the production hall of a medium-sized industrial company is still more "typical of men" in the majority of cases. But Jennifer Fauser proves par excellence that in a modern world this view looks rather backward. "I have the boys, my colleagues, well under control and sometimes you need to grow a thick skin as a woman ... that's the way it is, as one girl among boys you have to go through this", grins Jennifer. "But I like my colleagues, and I like the whole company for the opportunity I've been given and others get, too. My mother, the whole family and my fiancé give me even more confirmation. I am looking forward to a successful and exciting future!" Everything done right. A great success story for Jennifer Fauser, as well as for each and every one of the constantly growing workforce and the family business tegos around the Müller family. But, if I may ask, how about a tegos tattoo?

Images/Copyright: Wirtschaftsradar Landkreis Sigmaringen

Refugees become acquainted with companies

On March 11th, the project series "days of diversity" started, where interested refugees get informed by companies in the district. The project was initiated by the Disctrict of Sigmaringen, in cooperation with the Caritas society, the German Federal Employment Agency, the WIS, the Job Center, and Mariaberg and the House Nazareth.

The participating training centers and working places, Kendrion, tegos, Dreher Bau, Elektro Huttner, Window Construction Werner Sieber, the District Office of Sigmaringen, Karl Späh and AMT Schmidt are active in the industrial sectors of craft, manufacturing industry and administration. "We are happy to see that eight companies have agreed to grant our new fellow citizens an insight in their respective fields of activity. I hope those companies will be able to find appropriate employees through these "days of diversity", thus helping to integrate refugees in the training and job market.", says Bastian Rädle, integration appointee of the District of Sigmaringen by the beginning of the event series.

Refugees become acquainted with companies

Kick-off was the visit to the company Karl Späh GmbH & Co.KG in Scheer. "To me, it is a matter of personal importance to support refugees in finding a job perspective here in the district and experiencing there's a great deal of interest in them and their skills", says owner Sandra Späh. On Wednesday, March 11th 2019, the participants were allowed a glance behing the scenes of the company tegos GmbH & Co. KG in Ostrach, to get an impression of the various production steps and the company's competencies, e.g. products like the aluminum profile or the aluminum shield, up to the finished premium doors and flaps for modern RVs and caravans. "A great and eventful day, even for us", summarizes Alexander Scheld (manager of the tegos retrofit-manufacture for end customer vehicles) his impressions. "Here at tegos, it goes without a saying to take responsibility as an entrepreneur in the region. The origin of potential applicants does not matter at all. In fact, we at tegos are already a variegated crew and, most of all, an awesome team."

The refugees followed the "days of diversity" very closely, listening to the introductions into the business areas of the company inquisitively. Modou Sambou from Gambia describes his impressions of the open day like this: "An exciting day at a large company. I will definitely try to enlist for traineeship. And, who knows, maybe I will achieve an apprenticeship".

Source: District of Sigmaringen / Image credits: tegos

Dethleffs "Traditional German Brand"


What do Villeroy & Boch, Mercedes Benz, Tchibo, Dethleffs and Audi have in common? According to the PLUS X Awards, all these german brands feel commited to traditional values since decades, and have now been awarded the "Deutsche Traditionsmarke" ("Traditional German Brand"). In addition to their well-established PLUS X cachets or their special awards "Bestes Produkt" ("Best Product") or "Beste Marke des Jahres" ("Best Brand Of The Year"), the internationally recognized Plus X Award has now added a new cachet that focuses on its home country Germany. The noncommitted industry experts of the PLUS X AWARD jury therewith appreciate the very spirit of those companies which has continually been passed down generations, against all resistances, always prioritizing the customers' desires and demands, thus sustaining its perception until the present time. Additionally, it appreciates companies bearing the responsibility for their customers, fellow employees and partners since decades and, above all, have a great positive impact on the industry through upholding their stable values, constantly charging their brand with all these fundamental values.

"It's a great honour for us at Dethleffs, being ranked next to those great brands that have already been awarded", rejoices Dethleffs CEO Alexander Leopold. "Tradition is very important to us. We are looking back on an incredible story of success and can proudly say that our company founder Arist Dethleffs, by inventing the caravan in Germany, has set a new era rolling. Because recreation has not been a very common thing by the beginning of the 20th century, faraway travels and holidays were exceptional. Today, caravaning is more popular than ever, and we can be very proud of having done our part", Leopold sums it up.

Each and every year, the Allgäu-based company proves that "tradition" is in fact not similar to "conventional", "old-fashioned" or even "fusty". Awards, like the "European Innovation Award", the "German Innovation Award", "Bester Ausbildungsbetrieb" ("Best company training center") and numerous "RV/Caravan Of The Year"-prizes the Dethleffs vehicles have won, emphasize that. Since the company foundation, Isny in Southern Germany has always been it's location which shows Dethleff's connection to the region. Until today, most of their vehicle models are fabricated in Isny, the other ones are produced in state-of-the-art partner factories in Germany.

Credits/Copyright: Dethleffs

Niesman+Bischoff 2019: Fresh Newcomers with best seller potentiality

  • Niessman
  • Niessman

The year has just begun, and already Niesmann+Bischoff present their new line "Made in Polch", impressively defining the word "Premium" once again. The "Arto" layouts 88 LF and 88 B and also the "Flair" 920 EK. Not even five months ago, at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, Niesmann+Bischoff presented this trio to the audience. Since the end of the year 2018, these newcomer vehicles are available for purchase, and in fact customer inquiries are unstoppable since then. "We did not expect such a rush for the new models right from the start", says CEO Hubert Brandl. He continues describing the inside of the RV: "The interior design clearly features our bright new oak design". Indeed the new furniture line "Verade Oak - Modern Line" has become a customer favorite within no time. A current evaluation reveals: More than 80 percent of all "Arto" and "Flair" models in 2019 are ordered featuring this very furniture line. The developers at Niesmann+Bischoff are already recognised for their abilities in creating a stylish luxury ambience interior, and also for their award-winning outer designs, all of which not only offers wide individual design opportunities but also the highest level of interior decoration that needs not to hide behind the interior design of stylish modern real estates. Nowhere else will you find a mobile home so beautifully designed.

Niesmann+Bischoff - Premium Reisemobil tegos Tuer Klappe

Commodious luxury bath meets comfortable Queens bed: The "Arto 88 LF" combines the spacious luxury bath - including wellness shower, seperate toilet and dressing facility - with the 150 cm wide comfortable Queens bed. The bedroom is not only comfy but also functional: you got the additional storage space in the ceiling cupboards running all around the bed, and also the massive sliding door which makes the sleeping area a quiet place.

Niesmann+Bischoff - Arto 88B Interieur Barversion

Bar ambience with an amply feel: As far as you can see, the "Arto 88 B" is the only layout in the luxury class based on a Fiat Ducato that offers a bar. The interior seems amply dimensioned, accented by the straight alignment of the couch. The convenience on board is also created by the prominent luxury bath, the extensible bar table and two single beds, each 2 metres long.

Chef de cuisine and limitless comfort: At all trade fairs throughout Europe, the "Flair 920 EK" ranks in the pole position and is currently the best seller in its model line. Among its most most prominent features you will find the kitchen worspace which has been enlarged by 45 centimetres, plus extension. This in combination with the adjacent seating group creates a feeling of commodiousness. The handy sideboard with its sliding plate located by the entry door and the couch on the opposite side support the impression of a generous room layout and offer additional storage space. Also on board is the ample wellness bath including a rain shower and single beds with a length of 2.06 metres for maxium sleeping comfort.

  • Niessman
  • Niessman

At the CMT, which is traditionally the first and most important vacation fair of the year, Niesmann+Bischoff present one more design in hall 3, which is the "Flair 880 EK". Orienting towards their success model "Flair 920 EK", this new version with its extended kitchenette and the new bright furniture decor "Modern Line" in "Verade Oak" is presented to a public audience for the first time at the CMT in Stuttgart. Next to all the 2019 innovations, everything at the CMT is of course about the whole variety and individuality of each of the Niesmann+Bischoff RVs. In the interior as well as in the exterior design, the premium manufacturer from Polch provides the opportunity to realise even the most individual customer demands. Among the cushion variations, furniture decors in Modern Line or Classic Line, flap design in wooden color, glossy or mat white, Jerra Green or Slate Black, Reed or Green Grass. And on the outside? Would you prefer a traditional RV-white or maybe a fully varnished design? On the fair, you can let your imagination run wild while designing your new recreational home. Or, you can visit the Niesmann+Bischoff factory and showroom in Polch. More infos here:

Credits/Copyright: Niesmann+Bischoff

Winterproof luxury caravan by Dethleffs: Generation Scandinavia

RV and caravan manufacturer Dethleffs did already impress their fan community with their exuberantly equipped "Generation" type models. "Unrivaled by default" goes their slogan which not only inspires members of the Dethleffs Family, but also many a new customers. Just in time for the holiday fair CMT 2019 and also the snowy winter season, Dethleffs present their winterproof luxury caravan "Generation Scandinavia".

With their Generation-model, specially designed for winter campers, Dethleffs literally herald a new generation of caravans in the model year 2019. This special model range includes five new vehicle layouts not to be found elsewhere in the Dethleffs vehicle program, plus another three models specially designed for winter camping with the name affix "Scandinavia". Those have a completely original interior design and some winter-suitable features like hot water heating and underfloor heating. Of course, a premium door by tegos is part of the overall outfit, for especially in the winter warmth and comfort shall remain inside while frostiness and clamminess shall remain outside. Every camper knows that very well.

Dethleffs Caravan - Generation Scandinavia - tegos Premium Tür

Dethleffs Caravan - Generation Scandinavia - Grundriss BQT Bug Küche On the CMT 2019, traditionally located in hall 1, Dethleffs introduce their Generation Scandinavia 695 BQT, which is the only Dethleffs model with a kitchen in the front. This model shines with its attractive room layout and offers a lot of usable space thanks to its width of 250 cm and a total length of 765 cm. It might as well be called a two-room appartment on wheels, for the full-width bathroom in the rear as well as the sleeping area with its Queen bed can easily be seperated from the living area. The latter is dominated by a large rounded suite with a free-standing table and an opposite bench along. This lounge offers more than enough space for five persons to be served a meal that has just been prepared in the integrated generous bow kitchen. The cooking area is the very heart of the caravan. Its position in the front creates a lot of space, leeway and has the flair of an open breakfast kitchen. Thanks to the serial window, embedded in the fore roof area, the generous work space is light-flooded and bright. A window in the bath is also standard.

All "Generation" models equally include an extensive standard equipment that not only makes these caravans a ready-to-usw holiday companion, but also offer a saving of about 4,000 Euros compared to the comparable production models. Among other features, they all include a 70cm-wide tegos door with coupé entrance, outer skin in glossy white sheet with a specially designed decal fitting the interior, and also an indirect ambience lighting tha creates a pleasant mood lighting in the inside.

  • Dethleffs
  • Dethleffs

But it's not only the rich standard equipment that makes the "Generation" so special, but first of all it's its design that has it standing out from the crowd. The designers at Dethleffs innovated something completely new, way beyond the current model range at Dethleffs, creating an entirely new furniture design including roof locker hatches. The result is a caravan that stands out due to its modernity and interior design.

The interior offers two design variants: one furniture decor and styling for the "Generation" and one for the "Generation Scandinavia" that also includes the winter-comfort features. The furniture construction is all the same in both variants and stands out through its innovative downgrade conic shape of the root cabinets. This architecture makes the interior space appear even larger without siginficantly decreasing the storage space.

The "Generation", unlike the "Scandinavia", almost completely goes without wooden decor. The roof cabinet hatches shine with a modern color gradient that goes from light gray to a dark anthracite. Additionally it comes with cushion covers in a modern brown with removable gray decor elements. In contrast, the "Generation Scandinavia" which is specially designed and equipped for the cold regions of Europe, comes in a bright and warm wood tone punctuated by chrome elements in the roof cabinets. In addition it has anthracite cushion covers mit a light gray border.

From the outside, all "Generation" models fit perfectly in the Dethleffs catalog and convince by a modern design tail lamp unit with intergrated lights and a visually appealing decal. Off the shelf, they offer an outer skin of glossy sheet, alloy rims, drawbar covers, dolly handles in chrome design, a crank-operated midi-heki and also the mentioned coupé-entry, the 70cm access door, the indirect ambience lighting and, in the "Generation" models, a Combi-4 heating module. The 3 outlines of the "Generation Scandinavia" take special care for winterproofness, that's why these are by default equipped with XPS-isolation, heated and isolated drains, hot water heating and heated floor. Hence, they are perfectly prepared for all seasons and regions.

The "Generation" is available in five outlines, all of them 230 cm wide and effectively 570 to 630 cm long. The threee outlines of the "Generation Scandinavia" on the other hand are all 250 cm wide and have a building length of 650 to 765 cm, hence providing enough interior space for the whole family even in chilly environments. All outlines have one thing in common: they are completely unique in the Dethleffs catalog. They vary in their length or their layout and thereby make the complete "Generation" models something very special. Depending on their outfit and size, they weigh between 1.8 and 2.8 tons.

More information about the Dethleffs "Generation" models and the winterproof luxury variant "Scandinavia" can be found on the Dethleffs homepage.

Credits and copyright: Dethleffs, YouTube

Ho ho ho!, all of you out there - Merry Christmas greetings to all our customers, partners, fellows and friends

Have yourselves some relaxing and rejoicing christmas holidays and a happy and healthy new year. We at tegos wish all our customers, partners, friends and their families a happy holiday season and we're looking forward to sharing a new and successful year 2019 with you. We'd like to thank you for your confidence in us and for being a part of our family business. In this sense: See you all, next season is already around the corner.

Design update for the 2019 season: tegos premium doors with inside hinges

tegos Tuer Scharniere - Vergleich Standard InnenliegendFor the caravaning season in 2019, tegos continue to refine their premium door, now presenting a new version with inside hinges. The solid door modules with their electromotive locking mechanism now fit in your RV even more sophisticated and elegantely. For tegos is not only a supplier for notable manufacturers of RVs and caravans, but also is the only company providing the retrofit of first class door modules in end-customer vehicles. Individual custom builts, regardless of manufacturer, brand and type, be it RV, caravan or mobile home, be it any year of manufacture or whatever specification.

"As of now, we can build the solid 3-way hinges of our retrofit doors inside the surge water seal, thus improving the overall design significantly.", Wolfgang Rudolf describes the challenge. He is the product development manager of door systems at tegos in Ostrach. "Hereby, a cleaner and more homogeneous look is achieved, perfectly fitting into current trends, e.g. flush design. Also, a better integration into the exterior design of the different customer vehicles is now attained."

tegos Tuer Scharniere - Vergleich Standard Innenliegend The new design variation can be ordered immediately. On the 2019 CMT, the door with inside hinges can be seen and tried live in action. In january, tegos will also be in Stuttgart in fair hall 9, stand D41, along with Riepert Fahrzeugbau. In addition to presenting their new hinge design, tegos will also offer the famous integrated ABUS-security lock for free to anyone who orders a new premium retrofit door. This offer is valid exclusively thru the whole CMT fair. Save 160 Euros! Just download the fair offer (PDF), bring it to the fair or email it along with your door-order until January 22nd, 2019.

HYMER study on “Caravaning Cultures”: How Europe camps

The Erwin Hymer Group (EHG) wanted to find out precisely: What are the similarities and differences between the caravanning cultures across Europe’s camping nations? What are the preferences, habits and wishes in the key markets? The company surveyed over 3,800 campers from nine countries in the spring of 2018 to find out. The results were published for the first time at the 2018 Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf.

HYMER Caravaning Studie - Vorlieben Deutschland

On the one hand you have the Dutch, who go on a two-week holiday to a single destination to stay and relax in their own caravans – then you have Italians, who hire a caravan for a mini break and travel from site to site to enjoy a range of activities from sport to culture. These are the opposites revealed by the Caravanning Cultures study.

The online survey, which was carried out in the spring of 2018 by the Erwin Hymer Group, questioned both caravanners and campers who travel with a motorhome. And there are clear differences: while above all Brits (72%), the Dutch (56%) and Swedes (53%) like to tow their caravan, Italians like to do the exact opposite. 83% of Italian camping fans love holidays in a camper van or motorhome. Across Europe, the ratio is almost equal. And only 15% of Italians travel in their own vehicle, whilst 37% of Dutch people do. The age of campers is almost identical: the average European camper is 39 years old, lives in a three-person household and is employed.

HYMER Caravaning Studie - Vorlieben Österreich

Stefan von Terzi, head of marketing & communications at the Erwin Hymer Group: “We wanted to know what makes Europe’s campers tick; where there are similarities and where there are differences. The results of the study will help us to better align our future offers with the needs and wishes of our target audiences.”

DESTINATIONS: One clear result, Europe’s dream destination is the Mediterranean (53%) – it is the number one in almost all countries. This even applies to Swedish campers; despite the distance of at least 1,500 kilometres. The Brits are the only nation to prefer to camp in their own country. In addition to the Adriatic and the Riviera (69%), Italians also prefer the large inland lakes (35%). By contrast, Germans love the North Sea and Baltic Sea (45%); a trait which no other nation shared to the same degree. The longing of the Dutch for mountains (31%) as a contrast to their flat homeland is also striking.

HYMER Caravaning Studie  Vorlieben Schweiz

Large differences emerged regarding the duration of the trip: while the Dutch, the French and the Swiss travel for an average of just under 14 days, Brits tend to holiday for just seven days; whilst Italians, Norwegians and Swedes holiday for around ten days. Long-term holidaymakers can be found amongst the French: 37% have been on a camping holiday lasting over 15 days during the last three years.

FWhen it comes to choosing a campsite, cleanliness (90%) is key. The neighbours should also not be too close (82%) – it is predominantly the older holidaymakers who find crowding and noise stressful. Leisure and sport options (57%) and entertainment (47%) are deemed to be less important. The exception: the Brits, Dutch and Italians like to make the most of entertainment offers. A cheap price is mainly important for the French; whilst Austrians, the Swiss and Germans value an on-site shop.

HYMER Caravaning Studie - Vorlieben Niederlande

ONCE ARRIVED: When it comes to holiday activities, relaxing and unwinding is at number one (89%), followed by local daytrips (83%) and visiting the sights (77%). Italians in particular do not like to get bored and are interested in trips, as well as spas, sporting activities and culture, including trips to museums. They also enjoy travelling with friends or join guided tours. They share a passion for cycling with the French. By contrast, Brits, Swedes, the Swiss and Austrians like to relax.

Spending time with family or friends is typical for camping in Europe. Over 81% cite this as their main pastime – directly followed by cooking or barbecuing on the campsite (76%). Reading (61%) is more common than surfing the web (50%) or watching TV (40%), and the TV only really seems to be important to the Brits. Computer games (29%) haven’t yet become an established camping pastime, although this varies greatly between age groups: 40% of those under 29 years like to play computer games at the campsite.

The Dutch and Italians are most likely to interact with their neighbours on the campsite, whilst Austrians and the Swiss are less likely to do so. Overall, people behave as follows: contact is actively sought or just happens. 66% of those surveyed agreed with this statement.

HYMER Caravaning Studie - Vorlieben Frankreich

61% of those surveyed believe that joint camping holidays bring people together – whether it be couples or families. The French (71%) and Italians (69%) agreed with this statement the most. The crew varies greatly: at least one child is present for 52% of all campers – especially for the French, Brits (both 60%) and Italians (55%). 11% of British campers even travel with two or more children. By contrast, 31% of those surveyed travel as a couple – Germans, Austrians and the Swiss particularly enjoy travelling by caravan or motorhome as a pair.

Even though camping is primarily associated with summer and sunshine, winter camping is becoming more and more popular. 35% of Europe's campers have already tried it – and 80% say they would like to go again. Camping in the snow is more for younger campers and is far more popular amongst the French and Swedes than Austrians or the Swiss – after all, they have ski resorts right on their doorsteps. 42% of those asked who haven’t yet travelled by caravan or motorhome during the winter are interested in trying winter camping. Italians and Brits are especially interested.

HYMER Caravaning Studie - Vorlieben Italien

TYPES: At present, Europe’s campers go on holiday in caravans and motorhomes in equal measure. The results of the study show that this trend may soon change. 41% of those asked would like to buy a motorhome as their next vehicle and almost the same number (38%) would love a camper van. By contrast, only 21% would choose to have their own caravan – only a third of those who have already used this type of vehicle would buy one as their next vehicle.

Important features for a new vehicle include good insulation and a comfortable seating area (83% each). Plenty of storage space (79%) is also high on the list. But tastes differ here: the French value a microwave. This is also true of the English and Swedes, but both also have an oven on their wishlist. For Italians, a kitchen that is as large as possible, air conditioning and a large double bed are all more important than for other nationalities.

Speaking of beds: opinions differ regarding the style. A queen-size bed that can be accessed on both sides is most popular across Europe (45%), except amongst Germans, where the transversal bed is preferred. However, while longitudinal single beds are also accepted in Sweden (25%) and Austria (23%), this arrangement is not popular in France (12%) and Italy (14%). Austrians and the Swiss want a bed that is as large as possible.

HYMER Caravaning Studie - Vorlieben Skandinavien

Almost a quarter of those surveyed could imagine renting their new or current vehicle commercially; 11% already have experience of this. The French are especially fond of renting vehicles out; whilst Germans, Austrians and the Swiss would generally only lend their vehicles to family or friends. The willingness to rent is very age-dependent: 17% of under 29s have already rented out their own vehicle and 31% could imagine doing so. For the campers of tomorrow, sharing could become even more significant.

Stefan von Terzi: “A market analysis like the Caravanning Culture study has never been undertaken before. The main conclusion that we can draw from the study is this: caravanning has established itself across all age groups across the breadth of our society. And trends that can be seen in other social contexts will have an increasing influence on our industry, too.”

Copyright: Erwin Hymer Group / Photo Credits/Copyright: Infographics Group

tegos prepares for the future as a family business

Only two years after joining the prosperous family business, just as the current caravaning season is about to begin, Matthias Müller advances to become the new chief of manufacturing at tegos GmbH & Co. KG - the developer and manufacturer of doors, flaps, bug protection, locking systems and wire harnesses for RVs and caravans of all major brands. His new position also includes the commercial procuration. "When I took over tegos in 2012, and invested in growth, an important motivation was to ensure the vocational and entrepreneurial future of my children and grand-children.", tegos-CEO Peter Müller explains his motivation to get himself involved with the booming industry as a supplier for recreational vehicles. Senior CEO Peter Müller substantiates the ambitious expectations of his son, and forthcoming successor: "Consequentially, the next step was to introduce my oldest son into taking over and leading the family business with great entrepreneurial responsibility. Conditions are ideal to soon bear the overall responsibility together.

Matthias Mueller - tegos Fertigungsleiter Prokurist

Indeed, conditions couldn't better. After the acquisition of the company tegos, Peter Müller and his team initiated a considerable progress. The number of employees could be tripled in only six years, and growth still retains - also thanks to a continually growing fair market value and the global popularity of caravaning. tegos has skillfully operated a trifold strategy: First, positioning as an efficient and flexible development partner for manufacturers of RVs and caravans, including continual modernisation and an increasingly powerful serial production. Second, focussing on the end-customer manufacture and on the retrofit and replacement of stock vehicles with modern and first-class premium modules, including market penetration thru targetted product communication and customer-oriented marketing. And, not least, a consequent, confidence-building quality assurance thru development, manufacture and assembly, completely made in Germany. These parameters and their alignment towards a continually forward-looking development have assured tegos - a medium-sized family business in the Baden-Württemberg province - a rank among the top 20 of the fastest growing companies in the industry of automotive suppliers in Germany. The attention and encouragement of even more notable OEMs on the 2018 Caravan Salon fair confirm the positive market reception of the ongoing development of the company tegos.

Enterprise succession appears to be promising, but also requires a lot of courage, vision and responsibility of the tegos junior CEO-to-be, Matthias Müller, as the "leader of the next generation at tegos"; and that is also due to the continually growing number of employees. Even when there are clear signs for further growth, the company needs to remain hungry. The industry is moderately sized, everybody knows everybody else and economic booms never last forever. In the future, things will strongly depend on the skill and willingness to creativity, innovation power and new product solutions as well as an efficient and flexible production, following sophisticated automotive standards and the ability for cooperation between OEMs and supplier. "I'm well aware of the great responsibility and regard my new assignment in overall direction of manufacture as an important stage and experience on the way to company take-over", confirms Matthias Müller his ambitions. "I perceive myself as an entrepreneur, a manufacturer in the sense of traditional values. I was parented and strengthened in those values. I am very grateful for that, as well as for the the new chances that rose from the take-over of the company tegos and its transformation to a family business in the last 5 or 6 years. But I also have new ideas, modern management approaches, which I will realise and implement", Müller jr substantiates his future plans.

At tegos, the term "family business" is not only hollow words, but genuine tradition. The youngest son, Christopher Müller, and his sister, Stephanie Scheld, are also operating in the business. Son-in-law Alexander Scheld heads the retail market, and is already a well-known person for many RV owners and campers. "Having my brothers and sisters support me in lateron leading the company, is very important to me", says Matthias Müller with a sense of family. "Everyone will fulfill responsible tasks in the company and support me as the future CEO. Together, we will fulfill our parents' expectations in regard to the long-terms succession plan."

Skills shortage - An interview with Peter Müller

Fachkräftemangel - Interview mit Peter Müller

The Serviceclub Round Table were recently inviting to their discussion forum "Talk im Hofgarten", the topic was "Thinkers or makers - what kind of education is right for Baden Wurttemberg?". Five regionally and nationally recognized speakers talked about this subject on Saturday Oct. 13th in Court Garden in Sigmarigen. The event was presented by Hendrik Groth, chief editor of the "Schwäbische Zeitung" (Swabian Newspaper). Also taking part was Peter Müller, CEO of the RV supplier tegos, which is based in Ostrach. SZ-journalist Julia Freyda took the opportunity to speak with ihm before the event, talking about the general skills shortage and their consequences.

Does tegos have to deal with skills shortage?

Yes, without a doubt. We're lacking e.g. carpenters, joiners and mechatronic engineers. Also, the number of trained engineers has been decreasing.

How does this affect workaday life?

We do have enough employees ready to operate the machinery. However, we're missing coders with the ability to program the machines. In the case of a machine failure, productivity is badly affected or the production would have to be transferred to a higher level.

You've been engaged in the management of several medium-sized enterprises. Does the local skills shortage differ in any way from that in other regions?

The shortage has intensified through the booming business, but also demography plays a role. I recognize that here, in the area of Ostrach, we're but still better off. By the beginning of the 90s, I've been working in the area of Stuttgart during a similar economic situation, and in fact had to experience the problems of skills shortage way more intensive back then.

So the phenomenon of skills shortage is not specially intense in the rural areas?

That might differ. The area of Ostrach and Pfullendorf is smartly located. But the nearer you get to the metropolitan areas like Friedrichshafen and Ravenburg, the more difficulties you have finding employees. The daily ride to Friedrichshafen or Ravenburg might already be too much for you to bear.

Does the skills shortage slow down the development of enterprises?

We've managed to establish 40 new jobs ad hoc in 2016, so we weren't really slowed down then. At the moment, we're establishing five to ten new employments every year, which has but already become difficult due to the economic activity. We feel an enormous pressure with the fee demands and face a heavy competition in acquirung apprentices and the few trained workers available.

Engineers or apprentices - what's the greater demand?

The field of apprentices is a very special market. Our apprenticeship cooperation with the Ostrach-based companies HFM, Schnetz and Neher Dia made us capable of competing with greater enterprises. The apprentice market is very important due to strategic reasons, because it establishes a commitment between employee and company. It is however difficult and laborious to find apprentices at all. An engineer can be acquired with less effort by simply offering a high salary.

Is payment in fact the only issue?

No, you furthermore have to offer a great field of duty, a great area of responsibility and also potentialities of further development. Besides, the employee must be able to be proud of his company. That works if the product is good and the company's public perception is positive.

tegos Matthias Mueller - Ausbildungskooperation

What can the entrepreneur contribute to make it work?

The entrepreneur must live a form of employee orientation. The old days' authoritarian style of management does not contribute to acquiring fellow employees these days anymore. The staff members want to take part in decisions and take on responsibility. Moreover, it also has to be fun working in your company, of course without it becoming a leisure park.

Do you think politics is in duty to take action against skills shortage?

Yes, of course. In fact, they already do, but not sufficently enough due to the demography trap. Already like 20 years ago, a declining birth rate could be observed and entrepreneurs in those days did already warn of a subsequent skills shortage. Primarily, the basic education has to be improved. My grandson is in reception class, for example, and already there's a great deal of classes cancellations. It's really bad to have education starting like this.

Flyer Talk im Hofgarten - Peter Mueller Podiumsdiskussion

Download the article of the "Schwäbische Zeitung" from our media archive

Credits/copyright: Schwäbische Zeitung. The interviewer was editor Julia Freyda | Picture credits/copyright: Michael Godehardt, Johannes Gulde (Flyer), tegos GmbH & Co. KG

Talk im Hofgarten: Thinking creators and creative thinkers

The Serviceclub Round Table Sigmaringen's invitation to the "Talk im Hofgarten" was themed "Thinkers or makers - what education is right for Swabia?". By the end of that Saturday evening's event it became clear that the region needs both: thinking creators and creative thinkers. And another important knowledge could also be gained: In these times of skills shortage, digitalization and cohorts with a low birth rate, there are no simple anwers to complex questions.

Headmistress Ingeborg Mühldorfer plead for strengthening the cooperation between the regional companies, schools, vocational schools and universities. Eventually, one of her bottom lines became like the whole discussion's final conclusion: "We altogether have to determine what our region really needs and specifically promote that very thing", she said. "We have to be creative and develop something together - not each for for himself".

Next to headmistress Ingeborg Mühldorfer, Thomas Bareiß (CDU Bundestag, deputy), Leni Breymaier (SPD Landtag, chairwoman), Peter Müller (board member of the trade association of the district of Sigmaringen) and Stefanie Bürkle (district administrator) took part in the discussion. The event was moderated by Hendrik Groth, chief editor of the "Schwäbische Zeitung". He suggested that "unfortunately, the driving forces of digitalization are not located in Germany", but rather elsewhere e.g. in India. "Does our country lose it's capacity of innovation?".

Mittelstand Digitalisierung Mitarbeiter Zukunft Ausbildung

District administator Stefanie Bürkle explained "that indeed we're in danger of being left behind. We are, sort of, saturated by our prosperity". Every athlete ceasing exercise will sooner or later lag behind and become mediocre. Peter Müller said "the pie is already decreasing, and we feel that. Applicant numbers go down, there's simply not sufficiently enough young people." At the same time, the industry but does not require "employees who just know things by rote. They have to master their techniques, speak several languages, be flexable and open-minded".

Ingeborg Mühldorfer stated that "the digitalization will revolutionize everything. Knowledge imparted now, will be obsolete in five years. Therefore, universities must focus on the training of competence skills. At the same time, it is hard to even find freshmen in information technology at all, "although urgently needed". She was warning of terms like "academization mania". It is understandable that young people want to achieve a diploma while being supported by their parents, "so that they have all opportunities". And: "94 percent of our alumni do get a job right after university". But digitalization also finds its way into crafts enterprises; transfer of knowledge and competence does not stop here. "The success of our advanced education courses in this field of activity clearly show that permeability in our educational system is a vital necessity." Ingeborg Mühldorfer emphasized that the business model of a university for applied sciences always implies a tight cooperation with enterprises, too. "We together have to find solutions for a more flexable educational system".

Prof. Dr. Markus Lehmann responded to that from the plenum: "We have to make acquainted the possibilities to study without diploma", he said. "University is not as far out of reach as many people think. A deeper connection is feasible."

Credits and copyright: Hochschule Albstadt-Sigmaringen

Traditional charity run

Full dedication for a good cause - that was the motto of the three runner teams of the "Ostrach Training Cooperation" at this year's charity run at the Daisy Festival hosted by the St. Nikolaus children's hospice in Bad Grönenbach. Trainees, instructors and employees did cover a total distance of 90 kilometers, and tegos Junior CEO Matthias Müller again took part in it up front.

This year's traditional charity run was a record event. 88 teams, 352 runners, almost 100 attendees more than in the previous year, almost 2,000 visitors and an impressive record time of about 2 hours, which the winning team around world class mountaineer Edwin Singer achieved. The teams of the "Training Cooperation" were astonished, however they also achieved a real good result with their total of 90 kilometers.

At the popular Kidsrun, the youngest players performed laps supported by selected sponsors with a voluntary amount of money. During this run, only 9 years old Lia made fabulous 25 laps, that's 7.5 kilometers. The Deutsche Post awarded the commitment of this fund-raiser with special issue stamps that were painted by the kids of the children's hospice.

These stamps have been specially produced for the Daisy Festival and were offered for sale during the event day. How cool is that. In general, the whole event organisation was impressive. Motorcycling by Toyrun4kids, Roman sceneries of the theater group Cambodunum from Kempten, the landing of the "flying soldiers" in their SAR rescue helicopter, the two clowns Caramello and Pauline, and also the soap bubble artist Maria Rinaldi, or the nearby info booths of the local water rescue, the German Red Cross and the police.

Boring? No way! That's just the way social commitment makes most of sense, and also most of fun for all attendees and visitors.

Copyright/picture credits: HFM Modell- und Formenbau GmbH

Experience our company with five senses

Tegos 5 Senses Tour

tegos is part of it - as one of the first companies in the district of Sigmaringen, tegos takes part in the economic promotion (WIS) project "Five Senses Tour".

This innovative approach to a new kind of factory tour has been inaugurated by the end of June, 2018, and we were happy to welcome guests from all our district, the city of Ostrach and our business partners.

At five entertaining stations, tour visitors learn about our company, each station addressing its own distinct sense. Come and see!

  • 5 Sinne Tour
  • 5 Sinne Tour
  • 5 Sinne Tour
  • 5 Sinne Tour
  • 5 Sinne Tour
  • 5 Sinne Tour
  • 5 Sinne Tour
  • 5 Sinne Tour

Got your attention?

By following this link, you can register for one of our periodic standard tours or, in case you have a group of seven or more, book your own individual 5 Senses Tour.

Pastewka: Thank you for the free product placement

At first glance, we thought that our marketing director had acquired Bastian Pasteweka as the new face for tegos premium RV doors. But: management not involved, and advertising budget too slim to acquire a famous german comedy celebrity. So no way. Then we thought, our marketing director had a brief appearance in season 8 of the popular sitcom. But: his acting talent is hardly sufficient for the ham stage, at best. Never would an expert and professional actor, like Bastian Pastewka, even consider him. But this scenery, this recreational vehicle, this great premium door: Everything almost identical! How could that be?

  • tegos
  • tegos

Taking a closer look, things became clearer. This toughness, this well defined body, this charming fellow, this enthusiastic vibrant character, those positively penetrating eyes and - yes, dear female readers, we realise this with envious admiration - this testosterone-loaded sexiness: all this can only be delivered by one Bastian Pastewka. Compared to this Mick Jagger of the german comedy scene, our marketing director is only a folksy body double, intonating his voice with the charm of a railroad announcement, reading from a 70s joke book.

Many campers may have missed Pastweka in his regular broadcasting slot at SAT.1, during the popular "Fun Friday". Since 2005, Bastian Pastewka and his friends and family are stumbling through his life, which often is almost kafkaesque and also loaded with side blows on the german entertainment industry, which - surprisingly yet enjoyable - seems to get along with that whole load of self-mockery. And all of a sudden, Pastewka was gone, leaving way more than a 45-minutes-whole in the entertainment programme, just before Anke Engelke's Ladykracher. Quite a resentment for his many fans.


But maybe, on the other hand, that was a stroke of luck. Because times are changing. And private TV stations seem to be short of good ideas and innovations. At the same time, the big broadcasting families still seem to live in the land of plenty, like in the 90s and early 2000s. Nowadays, a couple of million of viewers are not good enough for those TV creators. So they're pulling the plug from the public darling Pastewka. For the benefit of modern production companies and streaming services. For Amazon Prime took a chance, and acquired the format to develop and modernize it.

The result is great. In the 8th season, the single episodes and also the drama of the eponym become even more self-contained. The snapshots of Pastewkas life are staged so humorous, that the TV viewer - or, should we now rather say: online-streamer - is, in perverse delight, allowed to enjoy every single minute of the new episodes. Pastewka is now a camper, how appropriate. An untrained camper, sure, but a very funny one. And - just like mobile homers and caravaning fans are on the road anytime and anyplace - Pastewka can now be viewed always and everywhere, from season eight on. Since beginning of 2018, by the way. But we're sure you already knew that. Because that fits perfectly with a modern life in your mobile home, where mobile phone, tablet computers, iPhone and iPad are necessary basic equipment. That's how quality television and modern life work today.


Of course, the production company Brainpool and the streaming-provider Amazon Prime have to earn money. Nothing comes from nothing, and the production expenses as well the salaries of many famous german actresses and actors have to be covered. So, the producers consequently go for product placement. Products and brands are put into the action, subtle and unobtrusively, and the corresponding companies, manufacturers and brand owners contribute ad payments, co-covering production costs. Well… concerning the premium entrance door of the new Pastewka RV, a Dethleffs by the way, the product placement actually worked without ad budget. tegos is happy and we politely say thank you, Bastian! And, to all those campers on the road, we say bon voyage and have a good time! The following video teasers may be a little foretaste. Have fun!

Copyright/Credits: Brainpool/amazon Prime/amazon Inc. (Pastewka),, Stephan Olier

Great stage, great soccer

  • tegos
  • tegos

6,000 towners and a soccer club in the national league. Yes, me old sport, there you go. In the picturesque city of Ostrach by Lake Constance, right at the earth's rim, the grass is seemingly greener than elsewhere. For 5 years in a row now, the 1st men's team of the FC Ostrach e.V. plays in the national league, which is a great success for the club of a relatively small community. That's why staying in the league is clearly this year's objective of the Ostrach team, who are usually referred to as the "Zebras", referring to their colors black and white.

  • tegos
  • tegos
  • tegos

Since their advancement from the district league, tegos is their shirt sponsor. "Our family's engagement at tegos, the manufacturer of doors and flaps located in Ostrach, has begun about the same time when the FC Ostrach reached the higher league", Peter Müller remembers. And he's actually the team captain (i.e. CEO) of the family business. "We spontaneously decided to support those stunning teams as a sponsor, at the same time introducing ourselves as a new local entrepreneur family." Ever since then, things went very well. The 1st team sustains in the national league, and also the 2nd team is successfully playing the disctrict league. And tegos grows and prospers, the number of employees has more than doubled in the last 5 years. That makes tegos one of the most popular employers in Ostrach and its vicinity. And so the tegos Logo shines proudly from the shirts of the Ostrach Zebras, whenever it's action time on the green, and the Ostrach boys and fans are cheering.





Once a year, Ostrach is actually the center of the international world of soccer. Since more than 30 years now, when the annual Whitsun tournament takes place – better known as the U-19 Yokohama-Cup – the elite juniors of the biggest soccer clubs honour the Ostrach stadium turf with their presence. In 2018, the U-19 tournament in Ostrach will be welcoming Eintracht Frankfurt, Sparta Prag, Zenit St. Petersburg, FC Midtjeylland from denmark, the FC Heidenheim and the Bristol City FC as well as the VfL Bochum. Not only some very famous clubs are gathering here in the Swabian Province, but also soccer celebs like Lukas Podolski, Mehmet Scholl, Ilkay Gündogan, Kevin Kurányi and the world champion Sami Khedira had already left their footprints on these greens here in Ostrach.

  • tegos
  • tegos
  • tegos
  • tegos
  • tegos

tegos are also sponsoring the Yokohama Cup, offering two tickets to a VfB Stuttgart game as the first prize of the popular tombola. tegos CEO Peter Müller, a Stuttgart native, will no be missing the chance of personally accompanying the winners into the stadium of the Eintracht. For the first time at the 2018 tournament, May 19th 'til 21st, a human table football will be performed. This life-size game will be the most fun, so that's just the right thing for the tegos team to attend. Hence, they will be taking part in this very game with two teams of their own - we shall be reporting in detail!

Photo credits/Copyright: Hubert Möhrle / FC Ostrach e.V.

Dethleffs grows in Isny


After about 6 months of construction, it is finally done: The bare brickwork of the new factory hall on the Dethleffs compound in Isny is erected. This stage of construction has been celebrated traditionally with a roofing ceremony, attended by the Dethleff CEOs Alexander Leopold and Günther Wank, Erwin-Hymer-Group chairman Martin Brandt, Isny's mayor Rainer Magenreuter as well as everyone in charge of the construction site. On an area of 11,000 m², Dethleffs extends the existing factory by another production facility as well as the center for development and competence for Camper Vans, where all of the Erwin Hymer Group's van-related know-how is to be concentrated.

All in all, Dethleffs and the Hymer Group are planning to invest more than 50 million Euros in Isny during the next three years, reacting to the ongoing boom in this industry sector. The new production site will contain two assembly lines and a parts department and is aiming to be the latest state-of-the-art production site for Camper Vans in the whole industry. On a second level which spans an area of about 5,000 m², the Dethleffs Academy with its training- and LEAN-education center, a Kaizen-factory, as well as a large forum for brands and visitors is to be developed. Additionally, there's an attached three-storage administration building, in which the research and development departments "Camper Van" and "Urban Vehicles" will be established, and where furthermore the staff facilities will be located.

Ramp up is scheduled for May, 2018. The new factory will be able to produce between 4,000 and 8,000 units per year. Beginning with the very prefabrication up to the final inspectation, all bundled and self-sufficient in one compact assembly line. A total of 180 new jobs are hereby generated in the city of Isny. Recruitment has already started in January, but still there's vacancy in the fields of production and logistics.


And, how else could it be: as longtime OEM partner, tegos is also expanding alongside. Especially where it comes to the fabrication of highly individual cable harnesses, tegos and Dethleffs have developed a JIT production process and logistics during their long-lived partnership. Which is surely unique in this industry and rather reminds one of the interlocked-to-the-minute structures in the automobile industry with their component suppliers. "Cable harnesses for RVs and caravans are highly complex. Almost each and every vehicle is a one-of-a-kind due to its owner's individual retrofitting demands. Thus, we have to bring together a whole load of flexible handwork with industrial OEM standards and a precise delivery directly to the Dethleffs assembly lines", so describes tegos CEO Peter Müller this challenging yet exciting task. That's also the reason why a new delivery module has been put into operation at the new factory site in Isny: a wheeled shelf-container with seperate boxes each of which hold their specific cable modules for the different types of vehicles. The work team, which predominantly consists of female workers, has already been trained in using this new module.

Credits/Copyright: Dethleffs / tegos

It's Full House in the tegos factory

  • tegos
  • tegos
  • tegos

My goodness, what a season opening. Nature's not the only one accelerating things, but also those bitten by the travel bug cannot seem to hold back to their homely sofas anymore. No wonder that the tegos factory is fully crowded already by the start of this season. And everyone seems to be very happy with the early summer weather.

So, suddenly everything had to go very fast. After a miserable winter, which was rather gray and rainy than winterly white and cold, nature brought itself to new heights of a summerly mood. Somehow, the regular spring seems to have missed the connection. That's all right with us. Now all over and everywhere, street cafes and beer gardens open up in no time, sun worshippers lust for even the last sunbeams in the cool evenings and, as we had to experience ourselves, enthusiastic sunbathing may result in a vernal sunburn. Kachelmann & Co. had us warned.


And so, also the RVs have been shaken up from their winter slumber and tired caravans have been dragged to their tow-bars. After a cleaning treatment by experienced hands and a fresh water refill, after providing full gas bottles, loading fridges and electric power for the batteries, it is now a good time to aim for those things you already had on target for long. For example presenting your mobile home with a new central-locking and burglary-proof tegos premium door, or maybe at last making this loading space accessible which you were never really able to reach comfortably.

That's what many RV owners thought and why they literally flooded the factory halls of tegos at Lake Contance during the last weeks. End customers sales manager Alexander Scheld and account manager Ahment Islek definitely had their hands full, in the best of sense. Just like the busy factory team, until they had their screwdrivers heating. And whenever the hall became too crowded, the work went on outside in the yard. Which is a welcome diversion, regarding the weather. By the way: Many more good-humoured RV and caravan owners of the most different vehicles, regardless of brand, model or year-of-built, can be seen all year long on our page "Satisfied customers". Take a look!


A great team effort and the high spirits inspired our customers, as well. A bright blue sky, summmer temperatures and short waiting times due to the highly motivated factory pros. That's what we call a successful season opening. 28 vehicle retrofits only within the first four weeks after Easter were successfully completed. Additionally, a series of doors and flaps for the individual short run manufacturers. The run for the tegos manufactory halls remains unbroken. Currently, new customers have to bear about 4-6 weeks of waiting time to get an appointment in the tegos main factory in Ostrach. In single cases, it may go faster. Alternatively, the retrofit can be performed at one of our tegos service partners. But here also, the schedule situation seems very much to be the same. But, as you see, we're working hard and happily to keep waiting times for our customers as short aspossible. And yet, it's Full House in the tegos factory and everyone's rolling up sleeves.

Copyright: tegos

New lounge for tegos customers

Of course, well-informed RV and caravan owners already know that a vehicle retrofit in the tegos factory in Ostrach is an exciting experience. Not only do skillful hands optimize your mobile home with premium doors, flaps, bug shield and modern locking systems. But also the personal care in this family business creates a feel-good atmosphere while your stay in the swabian countryside near Lake Constance. But, as of now, your visit at tegos will be even more beautiful, more convenient, more enjoyable. That's because the new lounge is finished.

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And the best thing is, the tegos coworkers themselves have been working really hard so that the lounge room for visitors and customers becomes specially nice and inviting. Making real efforts and proving craftsmen skills, the colleagues were at work even during the weekend and gave their best. Paint has been mixed, brushes have been swung, messes have been made. A decent snack by noonday, and in no-time the new lounge blazes in a shiny bright white for all the guests of the tegos manufacture. Furniture put in place, TV set connected, a petite bar for cool and warm drinks, some pictures and decoration - the guests may come.



At the sharp end, and virtually the chief of paint buckets: Alexander Scheld, semi-gifted handyman and tegos sales manager for end customers. "The weekend working shifts definitely payed off, the new room has become really beautiful", says Alex Scheld. "We even enjoyed ourselves really much, the boys are just amazing". Not only may the tegos customers be happy, also tegos CEO Peter Müller is proud of his band of coworkers. "It was a great team effort and commiting a weekend shift also shows how much we are one big tegos family. A huge thanks to all fellow workers who've helped", Peter Müller is showing respect for the team spirit. Oh, and by the way: The fashionable whole-body clothing and the trendy hairstyles, first and foremost by chief-of-end-customers Alex Scheld, might become the new trend in the tegos factory. You look just amazing and ultrafashionable, guys.

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  • tegos

To grant our customers even more ease, the end customer's lounge has been transferred into factory building 2 on the other side of the street. In these factory halls, our bug shield systems for real estates are produced under the brand name of outfly. All customers with RVs and caravans may receive information about the tegos premium solutions for their not-so-mobile homes, as well. For those periods when they're not on the road. And, in case it does get boring whilst the retrofit: the tegos Mobile, a racy compact car, is always available. After all, there's also much to see in the environments. Not only a trip to Lake Constance and the lovely nature is worth it, but also the historic centre of Ravensberg or castle Sigmaringen are always worth a visit. Just to mention a few points of interest. So, what's left to say. We're looking forward to your visit. See you around - in the tegos factory.

If you're looking for customized and fast assembling solutions for bug protection, you've come to the right place. Regardless of whether you wish to protect your windows, front door, french doors, sliding doors or you're looking for coverings for your lightwells or basement wells: tegos' private brand offers a variety of innovative protection systems to keep you safe from annoying plagues of insects. The advantage for handymen or craftsmen: modern mounting options and assembly gimmicks allow for numerous product versions with compatible system components. On the R+T fair in Stuttgart (from February, 2nd until March, 3rd), outfly will be showcasing a variety of new products. Their fair booth is to be found in hall 4, stand C11.

  • tegos
  • tegos

Plissees, stentering frames or revolving doors - tegos offers the right system for every purpose. And you'll be able to keep your living space not only free from insects, but also from pollen and pollution. "All products can be manufactured individually and the required system components can be purchased as system products for your own in-house production.", says outfly CEO Peter Müller. As, for example, the stentering frames: They fit perfectly into windows made from plastic, wood or aluminum as well as mixed materials. outfly have developed their own innovative fastening system that guarentees an accurate fit for the most different installation situations. The modern technique makes drilling dispensable. Even built-in rungs in larger stentering frame elements are mounted without drilling of the frame and adjustable in height.


Another innovative and visually appealing version of the bug protection is the plissé fly shield - space saving, secure and easy to handle. This product offers bi-directional pushing, thus the pushing direction may just be determined short-term during installation. "Moreover, our products can be installed accessible for handicapped people, for horizontal or skew ground connection with ground clips for dewatering." The plissé mesh is also avilable with Nano coating, water- and dirt-repellent. For the first time on the "R+T" fair, outfly will be presenting their freshly developed sliding door system and the outfly swinging door.

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All across our country they know the "business juniors" - young entrepreneurs, all networking, all ready to be the next generation business bosses. Young entrepreneurs can also be found in the state of Baden-Würtemberg, of course, but right in the southernmost corner of this province, in the disctrict of Sigmaringen, those budding chiefs are called the "Greenhorns". Deeply connected to the economic region and the laws of traditional family business, these will be the successors leading their companies into a bright future.


As for example Matthias Müller, oldest son of the business family Müller in Ostrach and designated junior manager of the tegos GmbH & Co. KG. Networking is one of the outstanding skills of Matthias Müller. All around the area, wherever new contacts and future plans are made and the own business operations are showcased, the tegos manager-to-be and his family business are standing up front. No matter if it's about WIS Business Development, UVS Business Association, regional job portal "Weichensteller" in the district of Sigmaringen, or the apprenticeship cooperation with partner companies right in Ostrach and its vicinity: Müller jr. is always right in the middle of it. The UVS Business Association had already established their networking platform "Morgenstund", especially to bring managers and entrepreneurs of the region together. Now, the next level: the "Greenhorns", with its objective of linking the successors of regional family businesses. After their first assignation in October, 2017, Kim Whiel and Matthias Müller advanced to become the new faces of the "Greenhorns". UVS manager Dr. Bernhard Kräußlich and project manager Susanne Schwanz interviewed both of them. A PDF document with the report and interview can be found here on our website.


Especially the young, i.e. the "next", generation is very well cross-linked in social networks, as they're already used those social tools in their daily private lives. However, networking in the business area requires more personal commitment to push and realise good and sustainable projects. The rural area around Lake Constance may appear bush-league, but in fact the number of well-known and internationally successful companies around these parts is in fact impressive. Particularly the international competition makes it even more important to cross-link regionally, pool know-how and exchange experiences and ideas. Here it comes full circle. tegos, as a succesful tier-1-supplier in the caravaning industry and RV producer (OEMs), must face this challenge and develop new market shares. Growth markets like China are important topics at the top of the business family Müller's agenda. By the way: The beautiful lady on these photos (see above) does not belong to the tegos family clan. "What a pity", smirks family- and business-leader Peter Müller, looking on the bright side of his youngster's business future. She-Greenhorn Kim Wiehl from Bingen already represents the 4th generation of a successul staircase construction company. In contrast, the family Müller has taken over the very company tegos in Ostrach only in the year 2012. The future prospect of leading a middle class family business, is but equally challenging in both cases for them "Greenhorns".


"Matthias is constantly preparing for major duties", confirms tegos general manager Peter Müller. After successfully finishing college and his house-building by the newly established ancestral site, he entered the company as head of process planning. After that followed the promotion to operation manager. The declared aim is to take the overall direction of the business. "I'm learning and improving on a daily basis, I benefit from my father's experiences, but also I'm finding my own way. Networking and regional business-partnerships are one part of those future tasks", states Matthias Müller, the junior chief. "I appreciate the mixture of the traditional values of a factory owner and the modern visions of an internationally operating mid-range entrepreneur. And I'm preparing to taking full responsibility of the whole business in the near future. My siblings Christopher (Müller) and Stephanie (Scheld) will be supporting me and may take managerial position", that's how Matthias Müller sees the future. The business family is positive that this team and the next generation will be leadig tegos into a bright successful future.


The article about the UVS-Greenhorns was published in a special issue of the Labhard Business Magazine for the region around Lake Constance. Additionally, the 35th issue of the business magazine was published under the notion "New Ways" - the 2018 annual issue again considers itself to be a comprehensive kaleidoscope of the international businesses around Lake Constance. On 176 pages, the Labhard Medien GmbH demonstrates the outstanding, transboundary relations and cross-links of the region. Facilities and companies introduce themselves. In interviews and technical contributions, the most different players of the economic region take up position, speaking about new ways and developments. The current issues's coverpage displays the Dornier museum in Friedrichshafen at night. Just like that very pioneer of aviation did back then, many companies, decision makers and founders in the 4-country-region are constantly breaking new grounds. A path is defined as the distance that has to be covered to reach a certain destination. The path serves as a link, enabling you to get from one point to another. Sometimes a change of direction makes sense, sometimes re-orientation is neccesary. We live and work in times in which digitalisation shows new paths, but also present us with new challenges. Providing faster ways to reach your goal, it sometimes requires you to make detours. The business magazine Bodensee 2018 equals a loop road through the region. Interesting articles, conventionally paper-printed and thus untainted with distracting popup windows.

Credits: Labhard Medien GmbH | Photos/Copyright: Unternehmerverband Landkreis Sigmaringen, Paul Wislak

The Olympic Games are a worldwide mega sports event, the organisation is a Herculean task for the host country. Athletes and visitors from all over the world demand to be serviced and accomodated. Members of the south korean organisation commitee of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang had a really good idea.


To be able to provide flexible sleeping, working and resting space for all journalists, workers and guests all around the different areas, one hundred Dethleffs RVs have quickly been supplied to serve as mobile hostel rooms. The caravans of the model types "c'go" and "c'joy" have been procured by the local Dethleffs distribution partner, Buffalo Autohomes. They are installed wherever urgent requirements come up. So, for the Olympic campers, it's just as near to the action as one can get. For Dethleffs and the korean importers, it's also a great business: all caravans have been payed off and shipped to South Korea in one single large shipment, to arrive on schedule for the opening of the 23rd Olympic Winter Games on February 9th, 2018.

"tegos is already a player in certain parts of Asia, we're providing doors and flaps. From my very own touring experiences, I know that in South Korea you have to face accommodation shortfalls as soon as you're leaving the urban areas. Providing those Dethleffs camping vans was a very good idea", says tegos CEO Peter Müller who is very happy with the creative deal between Dethleffs and the promoters of the South Korean Olympics. "And a little bit of our Swabian know-how is now also part of the Winter Games", he smiles, "because every Dethleffs van's cable harness is crafted in the tegos factory halls." Generally speaking, the asian market is indeed an interesting and expanding business objective - though not yet double-digit like in the conventional automobile industry. Also, they're selling more campers than RVs, but as time goes by, the caravaning lifestyle is more and more embraced by the people in Asia. China is of course the largest market. About 15% of the doors are european style, and tegos provides a local manufacturer with premium doors with features such as electromotive pulling function, central locking and manually operating 2-point latch doors. Also, they're planning for cheaper 1-point latch doors and a version that's specially built for caravans.

As of now, experts estimate the chinese market at about 10,000 vehicles per year, and rising. Japan, on the contrary, stagnates at about 5,000 vehicles, and so does Korea at 2,000. In both of these countries, tegos is not yet officially represented. Which, among other reasons, is caused by their complicated import and duty clearing procedures. In addition to the low capacities, business potential would rather be limited. But what isn't yet can still be in the future. tegos have already specified their global expansion objectives. As of now, they're already exporting their products to countries such as China, UK, France and Netherlands. Moreover, when in comes to end customer market, to Switzerland and Austria also.

Photo credits/Copyright: Dethleffs

Now it's official: the biggest CMT ever has in fact also been the most successful one. In it's 50th anniversary, the annual recreation fair comes up with some impressive numbers: 2,192 exhibitors from 100 countries and more than 360 regions and cities, as well as more than 1,000 exhibit vehicles, shown to 265,000 visitors on the fairgrounds of Stuttgart, in exhibition halls which by now are more than 120,000 square meters wide. That's an all-time record! The CMT managed to strengthen its position as the world's number one public fair for tourism and recreation. And also the simultaneous fairs have developed very well, like bicycle and adventure tours, hiking and – brandnew – golf and wellness, as well as maritime cruising and journeying. The fair visitors appreciate the extensive event programme and the manifold attractions all over the fully booked fair grounds.

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The CMT 2018 managed to sustain its momentum from the previous year. Next to the growing popularity of local recreation areas, another thing is trending strongly these days, which is also responsible of the great success of caravaning: the custom adventure tours are booming! This widely known fact makes the caravan and RV industry rush from one record high to the next. Sales output is enormous and forecasts for 2018 are pointing towards the sixth top mark in row. Tegos, as usual located at the fair booth of service partner Robel Mobil, was able to establish many new contacts and have various exciting talks.


And while the industry is growing, the team at the tegos factory in Ostrach at Lake Constance constantly grows along. So they had the very good idea to acquaint selected fellow workers with the industry real closely. Beyond their factory halls, they were able to get some exciting new impressions of this year's CMT and come to see all customer vehicles with built-in tegos OEM products. Among which you find many brands and products highly rated by the readers of special interest magazines like „promobil“ or „CARAVANING“. No less than 22,928 readers of those magazines voted their favourites. And pleasantly, the swabian manufacturers appear to be top rated. Home game for Baden-Wuertemmberg, one could say. Among the awardees you find such names as Carthago, Hymer and Niesmann+Bischoff.

Photo credits/Copyright: Messe Stuttgart, Robel Mobil, tegos

The reception of the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf is improving from year to year. The industry is booming, and tegos is a growing company. More and more RV travellers and camping fans find their way to the tegos mess booth, where they find information and advice about doors, flaps, locking systems and bug protection for their RVs or caravans. That's why it was about time to design a new fair stand.

On an area that's about 125 % the size than it was in the previous years, a whole new tegos fair representation comes into being.

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From the first sketches by our marketing agency and the 3d models of the fair construction service, and from the building the first modules all the way to the just-in-time installation of the fair booth, is a long, long way. Visit us at the Caravan Salon in hall 5, E01. We hope you'll enjoy our new location. For the first time ever, we're exposing a real life vehicle equipped with tegos modules. By the example of the promotional RV of our associate partner, the web portal "MOViVA", you can examine all the tegos products installed in place, and you can't only see but also hear them - speaking of our "silent door". Experience just how silently the door will be closing in a real life example.

Messestand tegos Caravan Salon 2017 Halle 5 Stand E01



The waiting has been worthwhile: The Düsseldorf fair grounds are opening by next weekend. Friday is "professional's day", the business people are staying amongst themselves and it's all just the "boring" business, but from Saturday, Aug. 26th, until Sunday, Sep. 3rd, it's all about you and your dreams of living in your own mobile home. Themed "Your new window to the world", the Caravan Salon is the most important international leading trade show for camping and mobile travelling. The fair halls are bursting with visitors. On an area of about 195,000 m², you can find almost 600 exhibitors from all over the world. About 2,000 recreational vehicles are presented. There surely is something for everybody.

Due to the growing popularity and yearly new visitor record numbers, the fair hall allocation had been completely revised in 2016. tegos has also moved to a new location and can now be found in hall 5, booth E01. Visit us there, we're looking forward to welcoming you. Many visitors are expected again this year. That's last no least because of this insider hint: tickets that were purchased via website retain a validity period of 2 days. For there is unbelievably much to see, and one day on the Caravan Salon is way not enough for all that. More information about arrivals, fair hall allocations and ticket prices can be found at

Leise Silent Tür schließen Stellplatz Campingplatz Ruhe

Convenience is one of the outstanding highlights of the tegos premium doors for RVs and caravans. Right after the replacement or retrofit, there's no more rattling, and the door is closing tightly with ease. Even more in case the electric closing system is on board, too. And with the doorcut enlarged and the barrier-free access installed, it can't get any better for the happy owner of a mobile home.

tegos Tuer Premium Silent

Thus, your entrance on the campsite can easily be quite self-confident. Let the other campsite visitors loudly bang their doors in frustration. In the early morning, during siesta, or in the night. On thing's for sure: if you constantly have to slam your door loudly, you won't make friends with your interim neighbours. And moreover, your own well-being is disturbed, too. Did you ever try to sleep in a vehicle while your own partner keeps slamming the primitive doors, producing loud noises? We've heard that relationships have already been terminated for lesser reasons than that. Let's face it: silence is simply an important convenience feature.

Ok, that's what we at tegos are there for. And we're engineering and thinking up constantly on improved solutions for sophisticated, mobile customers. For in our doors with electromotive closing and automotive pulling system, there are of course servomotors, that make sounds, too. And the broader and more comfy a door gets, the bigger is also its resonating body. Thus even small electric motors produce an annoying sound, disturbing campers that care for comfort. We at tegos took a close look into those noise sources and in the end we came out with a super-silent premium door, with a special silent technology. This is a must-see ... errr... -hear.


Remember the times when RV doors obviously had to look like refrigerator doors from the 1970's? At last, those days are over. No matter whether you own an economic van for starters, a medium-class RV or a cutting edge luxus liner, of whatever brand, type or age: tegos is upgrading your vehicle's interior. Custom design demands included. With the new inner lining for the premium retrofit door in the top outfit, tegos is taking interior design to the next level. Precious carbon optics and handles in glossy finish deliberately stand out from the usual door-monotony.

But of course, it's all a matter of taste, and the interior door-design has to be fitting the rest of the vehicle's interior. The choice is up to you - tegos is offering different interior decors. They're all featuring the three-dimensional layout and the first-class, comfortable tactile manufacture, letting automobile quality shine through for sure. There's only one thing tegos is not delivering: frumpy design from the 1970's.


One of the highlights of tegos´ product offensive is their new central locking system, developed in cooperation with hegotec experts and disclosed to the public first time at the CARAVAN SALON.

Self-initiated demand for automotive standard is being not only fulfilled in this case but even exceeded! In conjunction with tegos´ Premium Door, it offers a huge variety of functional flexibility.

Using its own fully integrated BUS-system, tegos solution is applicable independently from each individual narrative car system.

tegos central locking system can easily be extended and customized to all kinds of individual requirements – while being cost efficient and easy to install as well as offering outstanding functional reliability.

Any kind of different door/flap combination can easily be configured and controlled as per customer demands. Each module will be monitored separately – naturally! Integration within the narrative car locking system is possible in most of cases also.

Using mobile apps for ipads, iphones, tablets and smartphones for operation and monitoring part of the various options as well as links to existing anti-theft devices, entry stair units or enhanced follow-home light control applications.


At last!, many RV owners go. For until now only very few mobile homes were able to obtain the benefits of a genuine tegos premium door. And that's because the electric locking unit requires a continuous current supply, which is in fact available in most RVs, but only very few conventionally built caravans offer such a feature. But from now on, you don't have to abstain from the tegos premium quality anymore. The manually operated premium door is dispensing the locking unit's electricity support and the second combination from lock and striker. Also, it is provided with a high-quality inner lining and the tegos double sealing. Moreover, the axial single-point lock is working wonders, being of top-quality manufacture, with a sense of quality. It is closing conveniently and tightly.

But the retrofit manually operated premium door is also the perfect and inexpensive alternative for the price conscious caravanist and self-sufficiently journeying mobile home owner, and for all those who like to keep an eye on their vehicle's power consumption, trying to avoid unnecessary electrical units. It may be a single minor handicap that retrofitting a central closing function is not possible due to the missing electrical closing unit. But apart from that, all feature options are available, no matter whether it's windows, additional ABUS locking or the tegos premium bug shield door.

"Advantage Globetrotter" - benefit for globetrotters! That could just be the statement of its own. However, the "Advantage" and the "Globetrotter" are two of the most successful RV models by Dethleffs. Accurate choice of names, one might think. But that's just half the truth. For those latest models "Advantage" and "Globetrotter XLI" have been highly optimised to meet requirements of travelling comfort, convenience, a maximum of freedom and recreation, just as demanded by a sophisticated and experienced target group. Because a recreational vehicle is much more than a just your home on four wheels, another everydays vehicle or a useful van for the whole kit and caboodle. No, a Dethleffs mobile is first and foremost a friend of the family.


The medium sized vehicle "Avantage" and the grand model "Globetrotter XLI" both offer a variety of technical and functional features as well as an elegant, customisable interior. Access to the vehicle in both cases is through a premium door that has been developed in cooperation with tegos. It offers a wide opening, top-quality, individual interior design and a comprehensive collection of comforting and security features. In sum: the perfect access to your new family friend. Advantage Globetrotter - advantage for all you globetrotters out there.

Having your home in tow - as good as no other caravan manufacturer knows how to attach that lifestyle so emotionally to their products. The company Fendt Caravans have optimized their entire product catalog this season, and they call it "Emotions 2017". Rightly so. Because it's about the big time feeling, it's about "feeling wel" and "experience convenience". The Fendt family are a good company for all actively camping people. Developers at Fendt set great value on individual living space and sophisticated interior design.

"Living space on the road", should be hitting the nail on the head. Young and fresh, practical design or vintage, classy and solid. The most striking change in outer appearance of the 2017 models should be that new, robust and top-quality entrance door with its many practical features and a large window, including a darkening curtain. Depending on vehicle type and configuration, even the sliding door with integrated fly shield is on board. But wait, there's many more details to discover. The detailed description in this film clip sure whets your appetite for an individual travelling pleasure in your own mobile holiday home by Fendt.


Not only a dog and a happy caravanner are hidden in this image, but also a recreational vehicle. "Never before has there been a liner more automotive", the leading trade magazine "promobil" headlines its article about the lastest model "Flair" by Niesmann+Bischoff. And rightly so. While the mind recognises "This is a recreational vehicle", the gut feels "This is fascinating automobile design". Where does RV stop? Where's the beginning of a whole new class of vehicles? The committee of the reddot-Design-Award is also enthusiatic about the body's design. But the coinage word "Glamping" only insufficiently answers to mind's recognition and gut's feeling. And that's because the mobile life in a glamorous and extravagant wheeling home only says little about the quality of a vehicle.

And that's just where the big technical and optical face-lift for the famous Niesmann+Bischoff models "Flair" and "Arto" take their effect. It demands all of the customer's creativity. Not just in the interior room. The possibilities of applying modern color design to the body have as yet been unimaginable for RVs and luxury vehicles. But not for Niesmann+Bischoff. That's what we've been waiting for and now we're excited about the design variety. After the "Arto", which was raising the bar during the last year's Caravan Salon exhibition, now the "Flair" will surely advance to be everybody's darling, with its seducing looks and the "Must-have"-appeal.

A premium door by tegos is already integrated, being the first point of contact and the gateway to the sophisticated, aesthetic and highly adjustable world of Niesmann+Bischoff. All partys have spent special efforts to design the appearance, the feel, the funcionality and reliability up to the highest standards to fulfill the high requirements of the future owerns of the "Flair". Successfully. In the image above, also a premium entrée is hidden. Just take a close look.

The SMOVE is here - what sounds like an educationally valuable children's programme on TV is really a true sensation for the genuine camper's life. Premium manufacturer Niesmann+Bischoff adopt their highly sophisticated standards of their popular liners "Clou", "Arto" and "Flair" to fit the middle class RVs. Therefor, the SMOVE developer team have not just made up a truly creative brand name "SMOVE", but more than that they also establish the term "Urban Glamping". That is luxurious camping in and around the world's metropolises. Not exactly modest requirements, but since when do Niesmann+Bischoff need to be modest anyway. Just not as much as their sophisticated customers, appreciating to combine their short break getaways with freedom, vitality, spontaneity and convenience.

Hence, just let there be a little more of everything in the relatively compact vehicle segment below the classic liners. More urban lifestyle and more innovation. A lot of new ideas, clever details, technical solutions and good hereditary dispositions, that's what the SMOVE is all blessed with. The film clip speaks for itself. As a special highlight, a state of the art convenient storage flap with innovative electromotive sliding technique has been produced for the first time ever - a brand new world exclusivity. Useful and groundbreaking in the urban fields. And that's where modern travellers, with their Niesmann+Bischoff SMOVE, passionately do their glamping.

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Copyright / (c)2017 Peter Müller, Stephan Olier

Fantastic weather, blue sky, high winds and the architecturally impressive ERWIN HYMER Museum created a perfect setting for this weekend's HYMER Historic Oldtimer Rallye. On the occasion of the HYMER 60th anniversary, a very special event was on schedule, one that would draw a bridge between the modern spirit and the first steps of caravaning by visionary Erich Hymer.

Thus, among the 24 rallye participants, the "treasure gems" from the ERWIN HYMER museum - including some authentic vintage tractive vehicles - were not to be missed, as well as historic VW bus campers from the Volkswagen Vehicles stock. All the other old-timers and modern classics had an impressive appearance, as well, like the Mercedes SL, a pimped Fiat Abarth, a very-british Frogeye, a rarely seen Facel Vega or a fierce Bentley. Only fly in this whole ointment was: this first-of-its-kind event would have deserved some more public attention. But that might easily come next time in 2018. tegos' general manager, Peter Müller, assisted and supported by marketing manager Stephan Olier and his promotional vehicle, had a beautiful summer afternoon, constantly pushing the camera trigger to preserve some impressions. More pictures are to be found on our page "tegos on tour".

Copyright: PARAVAN GmbH

Motor home manufacturer HYMER and PARAVANO, experts for vehicles designed for handicapped and disabled motorists, presented a fully barrier-free motorhome with innovative accessibility concept at the occasion of last year´s CARAVAN SALON. PARAVANO´s new lift-system in conjunction with a wide-door-solution of tegos, featuring remote controlled door opening and locking function, allow handicapped people to easily access their motorhome, even with electro-wheel-chairs.

“With HYMER, we found an adequate partner – not only concerning leading product technology but also relative to companies’ philosophies and the “good chemistry” between the parties. This also applies to tegos, who designed an entry door with 85 cm of width that even fits wheel-chair requirements”, Roland Arnold, PARAVANO´s managing director said. The ultra-modern RV, designed to fully suit all kinds of disability requirements, offers plenty of trendsetting features that can also satisfy the needs of convenience-oriented, non-handicapped motor home owners. Those wider tegor comfort-doors, including electromechanical locking functions and offering an extraordinary level of quality and safety, can be retro-fitted to a vast number of existing RV´s also.

Also, Multimobil in Austria, our service partner in the alpines, has realised a completely accessible RV. And tegos has provided an extrawide door-module, as a custom solution.

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Icy winds and the permanent change between sunshine and rain showers. Be it the weather god, Poseidon or whoever is in charge of the climate at the Jade Bight coast, seems to have a deadpan kind of humor that's indeed so typical of the people in Northern Germany. Jolly good, we've had a laugh. Like in the previous year, the locals - water rats and land rugs alike - can not be frightened at all by a foul weather. And have their fun either way. Put your mink and thick jumper on, get your cap and off you go to the chippies and beer stalls. Hi and hello, here we are, how's it going? All fine! And very well so, because in the whole of Sanden's city, the RVs and caravans are standing close-packed. A huge open-air fair, with tegos right in the middle of it. On the market place, to be more exact, right next to their service partner "FreizeitMobile Von Der Kammer". And that's the regional top dog, holding the most extensive variety of vehicles on the Caravan Salon in Sande. If you can't find your vehicle here, shame is on you.

So, all the visitors braving the elements and visiting the central city of Sanden were specially interested in what's to see. Satisfied faces and bright eyes - also from the team members of "FreizeitMobile". By the way, you wouldn't believe how many treats and goodies from the local food stands Markus Peters - chief executive salesman - can scarf down – while staying completely lithe and lissom.

In the years to come, we will have to push things in this region a little more, when we're attending the North german Caravan Salon with our Promotional Vehicle. Until then, see you around - see you on Tour.


Silence is a precious good. We relax while we have „siesta“, we relax at night. A few singing birds, croaking frogs and chirping cicadas – extra permission given by nature… And then there is that embarrassing silence. Once your campground neighbor had smashed his van´s sliding door for who knows how many times – reckless and extremely loud. WHAM!

Now, recently, there is this incredible silence! When your eyes see that door is going to be shut but your ears cannot hear and your brain cannot believe… sssst. Just a whisper!

But - you may well trust your ears! Your neighbor runs a Pössl motorhome, 2014 model year, equipped with a brand-new electromotive pulling feature by default. Care for silence? Curious? In that case, we recommend a box wagon vehicle with that locking aid called "Softlock".


Well informed travellers and caravan fans already know of course: Effective protection from annoying insects is a job for the professionals at tegos and their premium bug protection system that's available for almost all types of RVs. But what if you're not on the road in your caravan or motorhome? Gnats, wasps & Co. they stop at nothing. Except…

… well, except tegos had the good idea to take their knowledge in mobile bug protection systems and transfer it to the world of windows and doors or real estates. OUTFLY - insects stay out! That's the new premium brand for your all-around protection. It's quality made in Germany, of course. It's quality made by tegos, of course. From now, your vacation starts at home already. Almost as nice as being outside. Just leaving windows and doors open, letting the wind and the sun into your house. And that outdoor feeling, too. Only those nasty bugs remain outside. No more chemical maces, no disgusting live traps, no herbage mumbo-jumbo, no hunting with that slightly archaic fly swatter.


But the OUTFLY bug protection systems can do even more. The utilized Clearfab-mesh is almost invisible. Your outside vista is not compromised. Instead, even pollen are effectively locked out. Allergic persons literally breathe a sigh of relief - thanks to OUTFLY. Top notch Nano technogly is the key. If the SUNOX fibre mesh by T.I.E. is exposed to sund and warmth, the grwoth of bacteria and viruses is retarded. RV owners enjoy the advantages of tegos premium bug protection since years now. Why doing without in your real estate?

OUTFLY bug protection systems are available for windows, skylights, doors, french windows, slider doors as well as for funnels and basement wells. Combining bug protection and sun protection is possible, too. Every system is custom made for your needs. Perfectly selected materials and design. Ask the specialists at tegos for your very own solution. More information available here:

  • tegos on Tour
  • tegos on Tour
  • tegos on Tour

Under a blue sky, sunshine and at early summer temperatures, the team of the "Freizeitcenter Dietz" in Ebern, Bavaria, gladly rejoice in their successful springtime event. Because of the good weather, almost all RV owners of that region were attracted to the workshop yard of the tegos service partner. Coffe and home-baked cake of the Dietz friends, family and workers, sausages and hearty grilled from the charcoal barbecue, freshly tapped beer and aplenty of things to discover for the whole family: A great kickoff for the 2017 season. Moreover, that little town Ebern is worth a journey. While there is an RV parking site nearby the city walls, we found the church clock was slightly intrusive. Acoustically. Hence a hint: The "Freizeitcenter Dietz" also provides some inexpensive - and remarkably silent - parking sites. A walk through the historic city center completes the visit. The highly recommendable italian restaurant, "bei Peppo", is also withing walking distance. Great food, a homely atmosphere and, above all, surprisingly inexpensive. So better makes your reservation.


And tegos was there, of course, we couldn't miss that opportunity. So we had our Promotional vehicle right in the middle of it. Making exciting contacts, even a little sunburn as the "charge" for the fantastic weather. The Dietz team had informed their customers about our attendance early enough, so we had many practical consultations. Some visitors just wanted to assure themselves of the high quality of the doors and flaps by examining our vehicle in detail. Of course the quality was proven right... and so several RVs, upgraded with tegos modules, will soon be dispatched in Ebern, starting their big journey around.

Next to that, the season in Switzerland was also opened with a springtime event. The Portmann family was very much looking forward to their young company's first house fair in the Canton Obwalden, widely supported by the tegos team. Moreover, the tegos service partner in the swiss city of Giswil had many exciting interviews with interested RV customers and will accordingly optimize some vehicles shortly, retrofitting them with tegos modules. Thus, the year 2017 may continue. See you around, see you on tour.

In their latest 2016 tv spot, the caravanning association (CIVD) is perfectly capturing that joie de vivre to explore the whole world and enjoy personal spaces. And it gets even better: you can see a tegos door, visiting the most beautiful places in the world, in a Dethleffs vehicle. We're happy to see that, of course.

But enough talking. Just get swept up by that picture now.

By the time of the tegos company take-over in Ostrach in 2012, it became quite clear that here's a genuine family business going on. Not just as an empty phrase, but as a vital tradition lived up to the fullest. For the Müller family, centering around manager Peter Müller, has already two family generations working in the company. The third generation is still in its infancy, but it is already taken great care of this family dynasty for the decades to come.

tegos Ostrach Familienunternehmen Peter Ilona Mueller

The manager's wife, Ilona Müller, is also actively working in the company, even at the front line when it comes to fairs. Daughter Stephanie supplies customers with spare parts, while the afternoons are kid's time. Son Christopher manages the IT and order handling, Matthias Müller manages the process planning and supervises the apprentices. Both of them take care of a smooth workflow in every aspect of the factory. And son-in-law Alexander Scheld, who is running the end customer sales department, is responsible of the retrofit workshop. Many RV owners know him. Moreover, the relationship to all employees, partners and customers is characterised by this esprit. Everyone's acting in concert, the company is growing. That's the real family business.

tegos Ostrach Matthias Christopher Mueller Stephanie Scheld

The next generation of entrepreneurs is already in the starting blocks, growing with their tasks in the family business. And those three are real Müllers not only when it comes to business. Two young men, located somewhere in the southernmost province of Baden Württemberg. Soccer on the tele, the black-and-yellow BVB-flag (BVB is the Dortmund football team) in the one hand and a plate of sausage salad - the ultimately favorised food by both guys - in the other. Undoubtedly, both of them must have something in common. And that's, for example, the same family name, the same employer, the same parents and the same sister.

Guessed it, we're talking about the two male parts of the tegos next generation. On the other hand, you can definitely be deviant and still belong to the (tegos) family, as sister Stephanie Scheld is proving. For the older (you wouldn'd assume that by the looks) sister prefers to workout to keep herself fit, eventually treating herself with a perfectly done rump steak. Hats off! Well, guys, you and your sausage salad... I guess that should be ok, too. It should probably be mentioned that Stephanie Scheld's husband, who in the company goes by the nickname "Mister Retrofit", is rather favoring the Bavarian football team over the Dortmund team. Well, in the end, he's only just the husband in-law, isn't he. And whether or not he likes sausage salad? We don't know...




That was a tough one: A new RV, two foliation pros, 15 square metres of advertising space and only 48 hours -- from first draft to the finished promotion vehicle.

Sunday, 11:41 pm. Mission accomplished! Both foliation workers are almost falling asleep, definitely anticipating sore muscles for the next day. Just one well-earned quiet pint packing up work, gazing at their hard work's result, grinning like a cheshire cat.

The team has delivered a great piece of work. The graphic design was produced by the PR agency of Stephan Olier. Final attunements, quickly changing phone numbers, altering some graphic elements to have them fit perfectly on the side panel of the new promotion vehicle. Then starts the rambling of the oversize printer. Laminating that large piece of sheet with a protective layer, and on it goes into the preheated workshop. What follows then is not only technically impressive, but almost artistic in its kind. Every detail seems to be just right. Thanks to skillfull hands, the lamination fits into each and every small curve, corner and angle. Only tiny free punches, e.g. for the door sealings, seem to interrupt the ultralarge design... almost insivible to the eye. Even the windows are being pasted with the graphic transparencies, creating one harmonious overall picture. 11:42 pm. Final clearance in the workshop and final touchups with the blow-dryer, making even the last tricky spot of the lamination fit in perfectly. Next, both workers fall asleep. Feet put up, ignoring the aching arms, legs and spines. Good work. Thanks!


Eventually, the tour can begin. Starting in spring 2016, the big promotion tour is supported exclusively by the outdoor travelling portal MOViVA. And goes across the most beautiful regions in Germany, visiting the best RV pitches and camping grounds. One thing's for sure: See you! Because the new vehicle will attract your attention. You see it, you just come over, say hello, and we'll gladly answer your questions regarding the newest tegos premium doors and flaps. Looking closely, touching and testing is not only allowed but explicitly desired. We're looking forward to meeting you on the road.

Practical learning for the (working) life - that's the premise by which four entrepreneurs from Ostrach - Neher, HFM, Schnetz and tegos - have begun their training cooperation in 2015. The objective is to train young people individually for their assignments in their own apprenticing companies and prepare them for a successfull working life. In order to provide their apprentice with a multifaceted, practical and realistic vocational training, tegos and the three local partner companies have decided to have their trainees work in all the different factories and locations from the second year of training on.

Ausbildungs Kooperation Ostrach tegos Matthias Mueller

"We want our apprentices and future employees to gain a comprehensive knowledge and gather experiences in all working sections all over the whole production and value added chain, starting from the molding cutters up to the completely finished RV", states Matthias Müller, head of production engineering. That's the incentive for tegos Inc., to actively engage in this cooperation. "The experiences, the acquired values and skills, are not just extremely valuable for the young apprentices themselves, but also for the company and our long-term workforce planning."

"Our trainees will go through an exciting and practical apprenticeship in our main factory in Ostrach", CEO Peter Müller adds in regards to the company's business philosophy. "We're ready to campaign for our apprentices way above the norm anytime, however, we're expecting the exact same amount of enthusiasm, curiosity, cooperation and team spirit". In the tegos factory, the trainees are not just prepared for their future jobs in their respective field of employment, but they actually attend all stations in the factory, thus gaining an extensive insight in the whole process of manufacture and administration. With their high in-house production depth, their commitment to "Made in Germany" and the very personal supervision in a modern family business, the tegos factory should easily be among the most popular apprenticing companies around in these areas.

Ausbildungskooperation Neher HFM tegos Schnetz

tegos Ostrach Soziales Engagement Auszeichnung

Jointly, the companies are also supporting the charitable foundation "KBZO". Handicapped apprentices and scholars are building a baby-sized RV for the children's home "Wirbelwind". A great venture, which - like the companys' comprehensive apprenticeship project - has repeatedly been awarded the "Mittelstandspreis für Soziale Verantwortung" (award for social responsibility in medium-sized businesses)".

tegos Ostrach Soziales Engagement


More than 6,000 campsites in the Bordatlas, almost 10,000 caravan sites and camping grounds in the ADAC camping guide. A vast variety of destinations, much to see, to check out, to read... while you're looking for the truly recommendables. And it's not very different from that on the websites of the large portals for vacational homes, holiday flat or hotels. Quantity, instead of quality. It has you overcharged soon. If you want to have some fun planning your vacation, that's clearly not the way to go.


Moreover, if you're demanding valuable tips for impressive nature sites, the most beautiful travelling destinations, historic landmarks, information about the country and its people, regional specialities, the manyfold sports facilities, event and entertainment... you're soon wasting your precious vacation time in the internet, only before your actual recreation even started. Disappointing, frustrating, isn't it? In addition to a confusing information surplus, the strict thematic limitations are avoiding an exciting, comprehensive and successfull travel planning. You've got to decide: campsite portal, camping ground guide or directory of vacational homes. Period. But adventure holidays, especially close to nature, mobility aside of all-inclusive-offers, just isn't all black and white, but variegated, manifold and in full color.

Imagine: You're on a travelling vacation thru Germany, want to experience nature, want to get close to country and people, get to know the regional specialities and culinarities. Cycling, hiking, sailing or golfing. A cultural event in the evening. Attending a sports event. After a week on dynamic tent sites you're seeking the luxury of a camping ground, e.g. to just have your clothes washed properly. Then you'd like to offer your children or grandchildren something special to experience. Maybe a sleepover in a tree house hotel oder in an Indian wigwam. Does that sound good? Now, here's our recommendation: Drop over to the new portal


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