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Flap modules

Manual standard flaps and electromotive premium flaps for Motorhomes and Caravans

Motorhomes and Caravans need flaps and openings with high flexibility. Numerous variants in function and dimension as well as perfect matching with OE vehicle shape and design are characteristic for tegos solutions.

Whether bulk doors, gas box flap or service flap – tegos modules do fit perfectly, are safe and tight.

Being system and design partner to the motorhome manufacturers, tegos are also able to realize solutions for rear garages and complex tailgates – all necessary, sophisticated kinematics included.

Manual retrofit flaps for motorhomes and caravans

  • Alusheet-covered composite module
  • Latches OE determined
  • Dimensionally flexible in height and width
  • Solid mechanical single-point-locking
  • Lockings tegos or OEM
  • Waterproofed by tegos' own double sealing
  • Low distortion by optimal pre-tension
  • Moulding with flexible balancing

Electromechanic premium flaps for motorhomes and caravans

  • Wohmobil Tür
  • Wohmobil Tür
  • Wohmobil Tür
  • Wohmobil Tür
  • Alusheet-covered composite module
  • Latches OE determined
  • Dimensionally flexible in height and width
  • Moulding with flexible balancing
  • Solid double lockings
  • Electromotive locking system
  • Waterproofed by tegos' own double sealing
  • Dissolution of twisting problems
  • Manual release in case of power breakdown

Additional features

  • Keyless access with wireless remote, Piezo touch sensors or blutooth app
  • Eletromotive pulling assistance
  • Central locking for all doors and flaps
  • Connected to the vehicle's central locking system
  • Single handed operation possible, special solid handle outside

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